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  1. Advice to use infant formula and free samples are common in both urban and rural areas in China: A cross-sectional survey
  2. Misalignment of global COVID-19 breastfeeding and newborn care guidelines with World Health Organization recommendations
  3. The use of human donor milk
  4. The financing need for expanding paid maternity leave to support breastfeeding in the informal sector in the Philippines
  5. Assessing the Effectiveness of Policies Relating to Breastfeeding Promotion, Protection, and Support in Southeast Asia: Protocol for a Mixed Methods Study
  6. Mistakes from the HIV pandemic should inform the COVID-19 response for maternal and newborn care
  7. Health staff experiences with newborn care in Vietnam.
  8. The role of the opinion leader research process in informing policy making
  9. Maintaining safety and service provision in human milk banking: a call to action in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  10. Social, economic, and political events affect gender equity in China, Nepal, and Nicaragua: a matched, interrupted time-series study
  11. The financing need for expanded maternity protection in Indonesia
  12. More breastfeeding could save the world $1 billion every day
  13. Enhancing governance and strengthening advocacy for policy change of large Collective Impact initiatives
  14. Real-time evaluation can inform global and regional efforts to improve breastfeeding policies and programmes
  15. Media audit reveals inappropriate promotion of products under the scope of the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes in South-East Asia
  16. The cost of not breastfeeding in Southeast Asia
  17. The Rise and Fall of Salt Iodization in Vietnam
  18. Development and Implementation of a Locally Produced Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) in Vietnam
  19. Acceptability and impact on anthropometry of a locally developed Ready-to-use therapeutic food in pre-school children in Vietnam