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  1. Thrust Vectoring using Differential Throttling in Axisymmetric Aerospike Nozzle
  2. On the Use of Vortex Identification for the Optimisation of Trapped Vortex Devices
  3. Numerical Investigation of the Burner-Nozzle Interaction on Fluidic Thrust Vectoring
  4. Fluidic Thrust Vectoring for Annular Aerospike Nozzle
  5. Influence of the External Flow Conditions to the Jet-Vectoring Performances of a SVC Nozzle
  6. CFD-based Fluidic Thrust Vectoring model for fighter aircraft
  7. Numerical Investigation of the Dynamic Characteristics of a Dual-Throat-Nozzle for Fluidic Thrust-Vectoring
  8. Open and Closed-Loop Responses of a Dual-Throat Nozzle during Fluidic Thrust Vectoring