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  1. Steady-state density functional theory for thermoelectric effects
  2. Beyond the State of the Art: Novel Approaches for Thermal and Electrical Transport in Nanoscale Devices
  3. Large birefringence and linear dichroism in TiS3 nanosheets
  4. Strain-induced band gap engineering in layered TiS3
  5. Electronics and optoelectronics of quasi-1D layered transition metal trichalcogenides
  6. Structural stability and uniformity of magnetic Pt13 nanoparticles in NaY zeolite
  7. Review—Towards the Next Generation of Thermoelectric Materials: Tailoring Electronic and Phononic Properties of Nanomaterials
  8. Density functional theory of the Seebeck coefficient in the Coulomb blockade regime
  9. Strong Quantum Confinement Effect in the Optical Properties of Ultrathin α-In2Se3
  10. Efficient simulations with electronic open boundaries
  11. Geometrical Effects on the Magnetic Properties of Nanoparticles
  12. Titanium trisulfide (TiS3): a 2D semiconductor with quasi-1D optical and electronic properties
  13. Electronic Bandgap and Exciton Binding Energy of Layered Semiconductor TiS3
  14. SI/Ge nanowire can be excellent thermoelectric devices
  15. Time-Dependent Thermal Transport Theory
  16. Electronic Bandgap and Exciton Binding Energy of Layered Semiconductor TiS3
  17. TiS3Transistors with Tailored Morphology and Electrical Properties
  18. Application of a time-convolutionless stochastic Schrödinger equation to energy transport and thermal relaxation
  19. Classical to Quantum Transition of Heat Transfer between Two Silica Clusters
  20. Thermoelectric properties of atomically thin silicene and germanene nanostructures
  21. Foundations of stochastic time-dependent current-density functional theory for open quantum systems: Potential pitfalls and rigorous results
  22. Thermoelectric conversion for large temperature gradients
  23. Enhanced thermoelectric properties in hybrid graphene/boron nitride nanoribbons
  24. A stochastic approach to open quantum systems
  25. Stochastic time-dependent current-density-functional theory: A functional theory of open quantum systems
  26. Local electron and ionic heating effects on the conductance of nanostructures
  27. Local ionic and electron heating in single-molecule junctions
  28. Electrostatic Landau pole for κ-velocity distributions
  29. Electronic viscosity in a quantum well: A test for the local-density approximation
  30. Stochastic Time-Dependent Current-Density-Functional Theory
  31. Local Electron Heating in Nanoscale Conductors
  32. Hydrodynamic approach to transport and turbulence in nanoscale conductors
  33. Temperature-dependent theory of tunneling in the fractional quantum Hall effect
  34. Relaxation in Time-Dependent Current-Density-Functional Theory
  35. Non-V-representability of currents in time-dependent many-particle systems
  36. Temperature Dependence of the Tunneling Amplitude between Quantum Hall Edges
  37. Quasi-particle tunneling between fractional quantum Hall edges
  38. Stationary solutions of the Gross–Pitaevskii equation with linear counterpart