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  1. How moving the antenna beam affects its shape for a lens antenna
  2. Making devices requiring material properties that vary with position using composite dielectrics
  3. Wireless Energy Behaviour monitoring (Wi-be) for office buildings
  4. Introduction to spatial transformations
  5. Report on IEEE MTT-S IMWS-Bio 2014 [Conference Report]
  6. Active absorption of electromagnetic pulses in a cavity
  7. Dielectric spectroscopy with a spiral resonator
  8. Exploring Physiological Parameters in Dynamic WBAN Channels
  9. Wearable Health Care System Paradigm
  10. A patch resonator for sensing blood glucose changes
  11. Broadband Tissue Mimicking Phantoms and a Patch Resonator for Evaluating Noninvasive Monitoring of Blood Glucose Levels
  12. Wearable wireless sensors for healthcare applications
  13. Identifying Physiological Features from the Radio Propagation Signal of Low-Power Wireless Sensors
  14. Antennas and propagation for body-centric wireless communications: Current status, applications and future trend
  15. On-Body Channel Measurement Using Wireless Sensors
  16. Patch resonator for non-invasive detection of dielectric property changes in biological tissues
  17. Physiological Features from an On-Body Radio Propagation Channel
  18. Wearable Sensors
  19. RF positioning using body-centric wireless systems
  20. Detecting Vital Signs with Wearable Wireless Sensors
  21. Antennas and Propagation of Implanted RFIDs for Pervasive Healthcare Applications
  22. Wireless body sensor networks for health-monitoring applications
  23. Dual-frequency air-spaced patch antennas
  24. Patch antennas operating at two frequencies without a substrate
  25. Millimetre wave antennas using microstrip and air spaced suspended line techniques for vehicular communications and radar
  26. Count three for wearable computers
  27. Forms of wearable computer
  28. Ultra wideband dual polarised arrays