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  1. Soviet Jews in World War II: fighting, witnessing, remembering
  2. It’s Only a Joke Comrade! Humor, Trust and Everyday Life under Stalin, written by Jonathan Waterlow
  3. Review Dropping out of Socialism: The Creation of Alternative Spheres in the Soviet Bloc
  4. Red Army Soldiers, Combat Motivation and Survival Strategies on the Eastern Front in WW2
  5. Hunger and War: Food Provisioning in the Soviet Union During World War II, edited by Wendy Z. Goldman and Donald Filtzer
  6. ‘Being a Real Man’: Masculinities in Soviet Russia during and after the Great Patriotic War
  7. “No longer Normal”: Traumatized Red Army Veterans in Post-war Leningrad
  8. Divided we Stand: Cities, Social Unity and Post-War Reconstruction in Soviet Russia, 1945–1953
  9. The Great War in Russian Memory
  10. The Valaam Myth and the Fate of Leningrad's Disabled Veterans
  11. Little Soldiers: How Soviet Children Went to War 1941–1945
  12. Rats and Resentment: The Demobilization of the Red Army in Postwar Leningrad, 1945—50