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  1. Marine biological shifts and climate
  2. Population dynamics in lesser black-backed gulls in the Netherlands support a North Sea regime shift
  3. North Sea ecosystem change from swimming crabs to seagulls
  4. Climate-induced changes in the North Sea Decapoda over the last 60 years
  5. Warm-water decapods and the trophic amplification of climate in the North Sea
  6. A blooming jellyfish in the northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean
  7. Climate, plankton and cod
  8. Spatial changes in the sensitivity of Atlantic cod to climate-driven effects in the plankton
  9. Trophic amplification of climate warming
  10. Construction of an adult barnacle (Balanus amphitrite) cDNA library and selection of reference genes for quantitative RT-PCR studies
  11. Synergistic Effects of Climate and Fishing in a Marine Ecosystem
  12. Climate‐induced effects on the meroplankton and the benthic‐pelagic ecology of the North Sea
  13. Climate effects and benthic–pelagic coupling in the North Sea
  14. Locating the barnacle settlement pheromone: spatial and ontogenetic expression of the settlement-inducing protein complex of Balanus amphitrite
  15. An α 2 -macroglobulin-like protein is the cue to gregarious settlement of the barnacle Balanus amphitrite
  16. Smelly feet are not always a bad thing: the relationship between cyprid footprint protein and the barnacle settlement pheromone
  17. Genetic Variation in a Cline in a Living Intertidal Snail Arose in the Neogastropoda over 100 Million Years Ago
  18. An Ancient Transpecific Polymorphism Shows Extreme Divergence in a Multitrait Cline in an Intertidal Snail (Nucella lapillus (L.))
  19. Cloning and primary structure of putative cytosolic and mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase from the mollusc Nucella lapillus (L.)
  20. Variation in mitochondrial DNA in a cline of allele frequencies and shell phenotype in the dog-whelk Nucella lapillus (L.)
  21. Physiological variation in the dog-whelk Nucella lapillus, L. either side of a cline in allozyme and karyotype frequencies
  22. Phenotypic variation along a cline in allozyme and karyotype frequencies, and its relationship with habitat, in the dog-whelk Nucella lapillus, L.