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  1. When does spring start and summer end?
  2. An Ensemble Version of the E-OBS Temperature and Precipitation Data Sets
  3. Twentieth-Century Trends in the Annual Cycle of Temperature across the Northern Hemisphere
  4. SA-OBS: A Daily Gridded Surface Temperature and Precipitation Dataset for Southeast Asia
  5. The calcareous brown alga Padina pavonica in southern Britain: population change and tenacity over 300 years
  6. A collection of sub-daily pressure and temperature observations for the early instrumental period with a focus on the "year without a summer" 1816
  7. Historic storms of the northeast Atlantic since circa 1700: a brief review of recent research
  8. How well does the ERA-Interim reanalysis replicate trends in extremes of surface temperature across Europe?
  9. Estimates of the North Atlantic Oscillation back to 1692 using a Paris-London westerly index
  10. Reconstructing medieval April-July mean temperatures in East Anglia, 1256–1431
  11. An examination of storm activity in the northeast Atlantic region over the 1851–2003 period using the EMULATE gridded MSLP data series
  12. A daily series of mean sea-level pressure for Paris, 1670-2007
  13. A daily series of mean sea-level pressure for London, 1692-2007
  14. The earliest daily barometric pressure readings in Italy: Pisa AD 1657-1658 and Modena AD 1694, and the weather over Europe
  15. The barometer measurements of the Royal Society of London: 1774-1842