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  1. Marxist exploration of East Asia's economy
  2. Rethinking agrarian change from the perspective of Marx
  3. Financialization and Marxism
  4. Identifying capitalism and explaining its changes
  5. Class structure in post-socialist China
  6. Why Marx's economic theory in CAPITAL is a science
  7. Varieties of Alternative Economic Systems
  8. A Theoretical Note on Commodification of Labour Power in China and the Global Putting-Out System
  9. The Political Economy of Emerging Markets
  10. The Rejuvenation of Political Economy
  11. Local Trade and Exchange/Employment Systems (LETS) in Future Eco-sustainable Societies
  12. In the Tracks of Imperialism
  13. The Future of Capitalism After the Financial Crisis
  14. The Japanese Economy in the Crossfire
  15. Reconciling Human Existence with Ecological Integrity
  16. Renewing Socialist Development in the Third World
  17. South KoreaDéjà Vu
  18. Political Economy and Globalization
  19. Political Economy and Global Capitalism
  20. The capitalist stage of consumerism and South Korean development
  21. Globalization and the Pathway to Sociomaterial Betterment
  22. New Socialisms
  23. Value and the World Economy Today
  24. Marxian economic theory and an ontology of socialism: a Japanese intervention
  25. Periodizing capitalism and the political economy of post-war Japan