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  1. Probabilistic DL Reasoning with Pinpointing Formulas: A Prolog-based Approach
  2. Reasoning on Datalog± Ontologies with Abductive Logic Programming
  3. Inductive Logic Programming
  4. A Modular Inference System for Probabilistic Description Logics
  5. Causal inference in cplint
  6. cplint on SWISH: Probabilistic Logical Inference with a Web Browser
  7. Abductive Logic Programming for Normative Reasoning and Ontologies
  8. A survey of lifted inference approaches for probabilistic logic programming under the distribution semantics
  9. Probabilistic Inductive Logic Programming on the Web
  10. Dischargeable Obligations in Abductive Logic Programming
  11. Tableau reasoning for description logics and its extension to probabilities
  12. A web system for reasoning with probabilistic OWL
  13. Distributed Parameter Learning for Probabilistic Ontologies
  14. Probabilistic Logical Inference on the Web
  15. Probabilistic Hybrid Knowledge Bases Under the Distribution Semantics
  16. Probabilistic logic programming on the web
  17. Probabilistic Description Logics under the distribution semantics
  18. A History of Probabilistic Inductive Logic Programming
  19. Lifted Variable Elimination for Probabilistic Logic Programming
  20. Semantics and Inference for Probabilistic Description Logics
  21. Learning Probabilistic Description Logics
  22. Parameter Learning for Probabilistic Ontologies
  23. BUNDLE: A Reasoner for Probabilistic Ontologies
  24. Computing Instantiated Explanations in OWL DL