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  1. Microemulsification-based method: analysis of ethanol in fermentation broth of sugar cane
  2. Microemulsification: An Approach for Analytical Determinations
  3. Portable platform for rapid photometric determination of water in ethanol fuel
  4. Glass/SU‐8 microchip for electrokinetic applications
  5. Determination of glyphosate and AMPA on polyester‐toner electrophoresis microchip with contactless conductivity detection
  6. Fabrication of glass microchannels by xurography for electrophoresis applications
  7. Capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detection on microfluidic systems—ten years of development
  8. Glass/PDMS hybrid microfluidic device integrating vertically aligned SWCNTs to ultrasensitive electrochemical determinations
  9. Doping of a dielectric layer as a new alternative for increasing sensitivity of the contactless conductivity detection in microchips
  10. Um sistema microcontrolado para o monitoramento on-line, in situ e remoto de pH, condutividade e temperatura de águas
  11. A microfluidic device with integrated fluorimetric detection for flow injection analysis
  12. An inexpensive, portable and microcontrolled near infrared LED-photometer for screening analysis of gasoline