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  1. Leaf-like Co-ZIF-L derivatives embedded on Co2AlO4/Ni foam from hydrotalcites as monolithic catalysts for toluene abatement
  2. 1D-Co 3 O 4 , 2D-Co 3 O 4 , 3D-Co 3 O 4 for catalytic oxidation of toluene
  3. Effect of CeO 2 morphologies on toluene catalytic combustion
  4. Integrated Cobalt Oxide Based Nanoarray Catalysts with Hierarchical Architectures: In Situ Raman Spectroscopy Investigation on the Carbon Monoxide Reaction Mechanism
  5. Macroporous Ni foam-supported Co 3 O 4 nanobrush and nanomace hybrid arrays for high-efficiency CO oxidation
  6. Controllable synthesis of 3D hierarchical Co3O4 nanocatalysts with various morphologies for the catalytic oxidation of toluene
  7. Low-temperature CO oxidation over integrated penthorum chinense-like MnCo2O4 arrays anchored on three-dimensional Ni foam with enhanced moisture resistance
  8. Size effect of Pt nanoparticles on the catalytic oxidation of toluene over Pt/CeO2 catalysts
  9. Vertically-aligned Co3O4 arrays on Ni foam as monolithic structured catalysts for CO oxidation: effects of morphological transformation
  10. Effect of Co-B supporting methods on the hydrogenation of m-chloronitrobenzene over Co-B/CNTs amorphous alloy catalysts
  11. Preparation of a highly dispersed Ni 2 P/Al 2 O 3 catalyst using Ni–Al–CO 3 2− layered double hydroxide as a nickel precursor