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  1. “I Try to Think Behind My Child’s Cry”: Preparation for Separation Experiences in the Light of Parental Mentalization
  2. Kohti reflektiivistä katsomuskasvatusta
  3. Mental health services in the school environment—Future visions using a phenomenographic approach
  4. Saving the German critical pedagogue from the criticism of Gert Biesta
  5. Vahva demokratia ja kotiopetus
  6. Refutation of neoliberal educational policies based on Millian principles
  7. Ecological imperative for educators and educational scientists
  8. Designing education democratically through deliberative crowdsourcing
  9. Aristotles' virtue ethics in the context of teachers' professional ethics
  10. The methods used for monitoring the progress of home-educated children in Finland
  11. Heidegger's Theory of Truth and its Importance for the Quality of Qualitative Research
  12. Youth-Studies Perspectives on the Participation
  13. What is Educational Praxis?
  14. Critical educational praxis in university ecosystems: enablers and constraints
  15. Habermas theory of communicative action in the context of indoctrination theory
  16. Honneth on Moral Growth
  17. Derrida’s Deconstruction Contra Habermas’s Communicative Reason
  18. Gilligan-Kohlberg Controversy
  19. Philosophical Roots of Gilligan-Kohlberg Controversy, The
  20. Schopenhauer and Nietzsche on Moral Growth
  21. Indoctrination and the Un-growth of Morality
  22. Indoctrination and the Un-growth of Morality
  23. Honneth on Moral Growth
  24. Gilligan-Kohlberg Controversy
  25. Habermas and the Problem of Indoctrination
  26. Schopenhauer and Nietzsche on Moral Growth
  27. The Philosophical Roots of Gilligan-Kohlberg Controversy
  28. Derrida’s Deconstruction Contra Habermas’s Communicative Reason
  29. Vygotsky, Heidegger, and Gadamer on Moral Development
  30. Action research and narrative inquiry: five principles for validation revisited
  31. Discourse and Recognition as Normative Grounds for Radical Pedagogy: Habermasian and Honnethian Ethics in the Context of Education
  32. The Sartre‐Heidegger Controversy on Humanism and the Concept of Man in Education
  33. Hegelians Axel Honneth and Robert Williams on the Development of Human Morality
  35. Five validation principle for narratively orientated action research.
  36. Dialogia ja vertaisuus mentoroinnissa
  37. Critical and cultural orientation in radical adult education
  38. Book review on Tapio Puolimatka's book Kasvatus, arvot ja tunteet
  39. Teaching and the dialectic of recognition
  40. This is my truth, tell me yours: some aspects of action research quality in the light of truth theories
  41. Between facts and norms: action research in the light of Jürgen Habermas's theory of communicative action and discourse theory of justice1