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  1. Flash point prediction of tailor-made green diesel blends containing B5 palm oil biodiesel and alcohol
  2. Synthesis of Zeolite Na-A from Local Kaolin for Bioethanol Purification
  3. Fuel production from microwave assisted pyrolysis of coal with carbon surfaces
  5. Optimization and characterization of bio-oil produced by microwave assisted pyrolysis of oil palm shell waste biomass with microwave absorber
  6. Economic and environmental evaluation of landfill gas utilisation: A multi-period optimisation approach for low carbon regions
  7. Tailor-Made Green Diesel Blends Design using a Decomposition-Based Computer-Aided Approach
  8. Evaluation of Palm Biodiesel - Diesel Blending Properties, Storage Stability and Corrosion Behavior
  9. The Effects of Evaporation Time on Morphological Structure of Polysulfone/Cellulose Acetate Phthalate/Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PSf/CAP/PVP) Blend Membranes
  10. Effect of Shear Rate on Characteristics, Performance and Morphology of Polysulfone Blend Membranes
  11. Activity of Copper and Nickel Loaded on HZSM-5Zeolite Based Catalyst for Steam Reforming of Glycerol to Hydrogen
  12. Jatropha, Biodiesel, Bioethanol, Ultrasonication, Reactive Extraction
  13. A Linear Programing Approach for Landfill Gas Utilization for Renewable Energy Production
  14. Prospect of Parallel Biodiesel and Bioethanol Production from JatrophaCurcas Seed
  15. PM10 black carbon and ionic species concentration of urban atmosphere in Makassar of South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia
  16. Effects of the Heat Carrier’s Temperature and Particle Size on the Pyrolysis of Imperata cylindrica in a Transported Bed Reactor
  17. A Review of Flash Point Prediction Models for Flammable Liquid Mixtures
  18. Pyrolysis of Solid Palm Waste Biomass with Microwave Absorber under Microwave Irradiation
  19. Municipal Solid Waste Management and Potential Revenue from Recycling in Malaysia
  20. The Performances of Intimately Mix and Layer Methods in Microwave Assisted Pyrolysis System
  21. Microwave Assisted Pyrolysis of Waste Biomass Resources for Bio-Oil Production
  22. Influence of Hydrophilic Polymer on Pure Water Permeation, Permeability Coefficient, and Porosity of Polysulfone Blend Membranes
  23. Dielectric Relaxation Process and Microwave Heating Mechanism in ε-Caprolactone as a Function of Frequency and Temperature
  24. Combustion of Municipal Solid Waste in a Pilot Scale Fluidized Bed Combustor
  25. Additional Gas Resource for Coal Bed Methane by Applying Underground Coal Gasification and Enhanced Coal Bed Methane
  26. Optimal landfill gas utilization for renewable energy production
  27. Effect of Flue Gas Recirculation on Multi-Cyclones Performance in Reducing Particulate Emission from Palm Oil Mill Boiler
  28. Esterification of oleic acid to biodiesel using magnetic ionic liquid: Multi-objective optimization and kinetic study
  29. Trans-Esterification of Triglycerides with Methanol on Sulfated Zirconia Prepared with Different Concentration of Sulfuric Acid
  30. Hydrogen Production from Acetic Acid Steam Reforming over Bimetallic Ni-Co on La2O3 Catalyst-Effect of the Catalyst Dilution
  31. Effect of Cellulose Acetate Phthalate (CAP) on Characteristics and Morphology of Polysulfone/Cellulose Acetate Phthalate (PSf/CAP) Blend Membranes
  32. Design of a Bubbling Fluidized Bed Gasifier for the Thermochemical Conversion of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Briquette
  33. In-Situ Transesterification Reaction for Biodiesel Production
  34. Preparation of Ni Loaded on Zeolite and its Application for Conversion of Glycerol to Hydrogen
  35. Fossil fuel energy scenario in Malaysia-prospect of indigenous renewable biomass and coal resources
  36. Solid Catalysts and theirs Application in Biodiesel Production
  37. Economic and environmental benefits of landfill gas from municipal solid waste in Malaysia
  38. A short note: Effects of fludisation number and total air factor on the Combustion of Municipal solid waste of high moisture content in a fluidised bed
  39. Hydrolysis of Virgin Coconut Oil Using Immobilized Lipase in a Batch Reactor
  40. Effects of fluidization number and air factor on the combustion of mixed solid waste in a fluidized bed
  41. Renewable energy and carbon reduction potentials of municipal solid waste in MALAYSIA
  42. Potential use of solar photovoltaic in Peninsular Malaysia
  43. Conversion of glycerol to methanol in the presence of zeolite based catalysts
  44. In Situ Biodiesel Production from Residual Oil Recovered from Spent Bleaching Earth
  45. Methane conversion to higher hydrocarbons over copper loaded BZSM-5 in the presence of oxygen
  46. Ethylene Conversion to Higher Hydrocarbon over Copper Loaded BZSM-5 in the Presence of Oxygen