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  1. Uncertainty Quantification by Probabilistic Analysis Of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell integrated with Gas Turbine
  2. Thermo-fluidic transport process in a novel M-shaped cavity packed with non-Darcian porous medium and hybrid nanofluid: Application of artificial neural network (ANN)
  3. Mhd Mixed Convection in Copper-Water Nanofluid Filled Lid-Driven Square Cavity Containing Multiple Adiabatic Obstacles with Discrete Heating
  4. An Intial-Value Technique for Self-Adjoint Singularly Perturbed Two-Point Boundary Value Problems
  5. MHD Free Convection-Radiation Interaction in a Porous Medium - Part I: Numerical Investigation
  6. Radiation Absorption and Chemical Reaction Effects on Rivlin-Ericksen Flow Past a Vertical Moving Porous Plate
  7. Homotopy Simulation of Non-Newtonian Spriggs Fluid Flow Over a Flat Plate with Oscillating Motion
  8. Natural convective flow of a chemically reacting fluid in an annulus
  9. Natural convection boundary layer flow of nanofluids around different stations of the sphere and into the plume above the sphere
  10. A Numerical Study of Coupled Non-Linear Equations of Thermo-Viscous Fluid Flow in Cylindrical Geometry
  11. Thermal analysis of a fully wet porous radial fin with natural convection and radiation using the spectral collocation method
  12. Effect of Electric Field on Dispersion of a Solute in an MHD Flow through a Vertical Channel With and Without Chemical Reaction
  13. Slip flow and melting heat transfer of nanofluid induced by a nonlinear stretching sheet
  14. Study on Sakiadis and Blasius flows of Williamson fluid with convective boundary condition
  15. Transient Velocity And Steady State Entropy Generation In A Microfluidic Couette Flow Containing Charged Nano Particles