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  1. Semi-empirical model for upscaling leaf spectra (SEMULS): a novel approach for modeling canopy spectra from in situ leaf reflectance spectra
  2. Structure, composition and diversity of trees within the dry evergreen reserve forest of Kondapalli (Eastern Ghats, southern India)
  3. Geospatial technology perspectives for mining vis-a-vis sustainable forest ecosystems
  4. Is current forest landscape research approaches providing the right insights? Observations from India context
  5. Estimation of biomass density and carbon storage in the forests of Andhra Pradesh, India, with emphasis on their deforestation and degradation conditions
  6. Determining species expansion and extinction possibilities using probabilistic and graphical models
  7. Climate Change Research – What Do We Need Really?
  8. Automatic Extraction of Water Bodies from Landsat Imagery Using Perceptron Model
  9. Interpolation Of Data Gaps Of SLC-Off Landsat ETM+ Images Using Algorithm Based On The Differential Operators
  10. Analysis of Tree Diversity Patterns in the Tropical Evergreen and Moist Deciduous Forests of the Middle Andaman Islands, India
  11. Human-Bird Conflicts and Management Issues: A Case Study of Birds at Uppalapadu Lake, Andhra Pradesh, India
  12. Tsunami and tropical island ecosystems: a meta-analysis of studies in Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  13. A conceptual framework to analyse the land-use/land-cover changes and its impact on phytodiversity: a case study of North Andaman Islands, India
  14. Angiosperms of North Andaman, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India
  15. Assessment of tsunami and anthropogenic impacts on the forest of the North Andaman Islands, India
  16. Assessing forest canopy closure in a geospatial medium to address management concerns for tropical islands—Southeast Asia
  17. Folklore medicinal plants of North Andaman Islands, India
  18. Tree Flora of Saddle Peak National Park, Andaman, India
  19. Phytodiversity Zonation in North Andaman, India Using Remote Sensing, GIS and Phytosociological Data
  20. Phytodiversity Assessment of Tropical Rainforest of North Andaman Islands, India