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  1. Phase slips in coupled oscillator systems
  2. Stasis in heterogeneous networks of coupled oscillators: discontinuous transition with hysteresis
  3. Transition from inhomogeneous limit cycles to oscillation death in nonlinear oscillators with similarity-dependent coupling
  4. Phase-locking in k-partite networks of delay-coupled oscillators
  5. Intermingled attractors in an asymmetrically driven modified Chua oscillator
  6. A stochastic model of homeostasis: The roles of noise and nuclear positioning in deciding cell fate
  7. Ageing in mixed populations of Stuart–Landau oscillators: the role of diversity
  8. The collective dynamics of NF − κB in cellular ensembles
  9. Design strategies for generalized synchronization
  10. Modeling long lifespans in eusocial insect populations
  11. Dynamical effects of breaking rotational symmetry in counter-rotating Stuart-Landau oscillators
  12. Coupled Lorenz oscillators near the Hopf boundary: Multistability, intermingled basins, and quasiriddling
  13. Collective dynamics in heterogeneous networks of neuronal cellular automata
  14. Emergent organization in a model market
  15. General mechanism for the 1/f noise
  16. Time-delayed conjugate coupling in dynamical systems
  17. Emergence of chimeras through induced multistability
  18. Generalized synchrony of coupled stochastic processes with multiplicative noise
  19. Driving-induced multistability in coupled chaotic oscillators: Symmetries and riddled basins
  20. Synchronization properties of coupled chaotic neurons: The role of random shared input
  21. Phase oscillators in modular networks: The effect of nonlocal coupling
  22. A Scholar in His Time
  23. D.D. Kosambi
  24. Bipartite networks of oscillators with distributed delays: Synchronization branches and multistability
  25. Delay-induced remote synchronization in bipartite networks of phase oscillators
  26. General editorial on publication ethics
  27. Synchronization and amplitude death in hypernetworks
  28. Two-layer modular analysis of gene and protein networks in breast cancer
  29. Chimeras with multiple coherent regions
  30. Memoryless nonlinear response: A simple mechanism for the 1/f noise
  31. Amplitude death phenomena in delay-coupled Hamiltonian systems
  32. Nature of weak generalized synchronization in chaotically driven maps
  33. Driving-induced bistability in coupled chaotic attractors
  34. Quasiperiodically driven maps in the low-dissipation limit
  36. Erratum: Frequency discontinuity and amplitude death with time-delay asymmetry [Phys. Rev. E85, 046204 (2012)]
  37. Phantom instabilities in adiabatically driven systems: Dynamical sensitivity to computational precision
  38. Power spectrum of mass and activity fluctuations in a sandpile
  39. Frequency discontinuity and amplitude death with time-delay asymmetry
  40. Enhancing synchrony in chaotic oscillators by dynamic relaying
  41. MicroRNAs Modulate the Dynamics of the NF-κB Signaling Pathway
  42. Relaying phase synchrony in chaotic oscillator chains
  43. Preface
  44. The effect of finite response–time in coupled dynamical systems
  45. Dynamics of excitable nodes on random graphs
  46. Phase-flip transition in relay-coupled nonlinear oscillators
  47. Genome-wide analysis of mobile genetic element insertion sites
  48. Excitable Nodes on Random Graphs: Relating Dynamics to Network Structure
  49. Nature of the phase-flip transition in the synchronized approach to amplitude death
  50. Targeted control of amplitude dynamics in coupled nonlinear oscillators
  51. Dynamical effects of integrative time-delay coupling
  52. Delay-coupled discrete maps: Synchronization, bistability, and quasiperiodicity
  53. Phase-flip transition in coupled electrochemical cells
  54. Amplitude death in nonlinear oscillators with nonlinear coupling
  55. Quasiperiodic forcing of coupled chaotic systems
  56. Characterisation of Inactivation Domains and Evolutionary Strata in Human X Chromosome through Markov Segmentation
  57. A playful side to twelfth-century mathematics
  58. Design strategies for the creation of aperiodic nonchaotic attractors
  59. Synchronization regimes in conjugate coupled chaotic oscillators
  60. miRNA-regulated dynamics in circadian oscillator models
  61. The effect of time-delay on anomalous phase synchronization
  62. Scenarios for generalized synchronization with chaotic driving
  63. Coexisting attractors in periodically modulated logistic maps
  64. Universal occurrence of the phase-flip bifurcation in time-delay coupled systems
  65. Recurrences of strange attractors
  66. Synchronization of coupled stochastic oscillators: The effect of topology
  68. Analytical signal analysis of strange nonchaotic dynamics
  69. Effective mechanisms for the synchronization of stochastic oscillators
  71. Amplitude death in the absence of time delays in identical coupled oscillators
  72. Recurrence analysis of strange nonchaotic dynamics
  73. Markov models of genome segmentation
  74. Identification of insertion hot spots for non-LTR retrotransposons: computational and biochemical application to Entamoeba histolytica
  75. Phase-flip bifurcation induced by time delay
  76. Wavelet Analysis of DNA Walks
  77. Adaptive targeting of chaotic response in periodically stimulated neural systems
  78. Erratum: “Spectral signatures of the diffusional anomaly in water” [J. Chem. Phys. 122, 104507 (2005)]
  79. Basin bifurcations in quasiperiodically forced coupled systems
  80. Thermal transport in low-dimensional lattices with nearest- and next-nearest-neighbour coupling
  81. The LINEs and SINEs of Entamoeba histolytica: Comparative analysis and genomic distribution
  82. The phase-modulated logistic map
  84. Spectral signatures of the diffusional anomaly in water
  85. Foreword
  86. A perspective on nonlinear dynamics
  87. Cluster-weighted modeling: Estimation of the Lyapunov spectrum in driven systems
  88. A robust meta-classification strategy for cancer diagnosis from gene expression data
  89. The role of heterogeneity on the spatiotemporal dynamics of host–parasite metapopulation
  90. Fractalization route to strange nonchaotic dynamics
  91. On the dynamics of the critical Harper map
  92. Symbol sequence analysis of climatic time signals
  93. Spectral Repeat Finder (SRF): identification of repetitive sequences using Fourier transformation
  94. Strange nonchaotic attractors in driven excitable systems
  95. Signatures of multiple time-scale behaviour in the power spectra of water
  96. Global optimization on an evolving energy landscape
  97. Simplifying the mosaic description of DNA sequences
  98. Information-entropic analysis of chaotic time series: determination of time-delays and dynamical coupling
  99. Symmetry-breaking in local Lyapunov exponents
  100. Segmentation of genomic DNA through entropic divergence: Power laws and scaling
  101. Phase ordering at crises
  103. A plethora of strange nonchaotic attractors
  104. Intermittency transitions to strange nonchaotic attractors in a quasiperiodically driven Duffing oscillator
  105. Identification of Parasitic Genes by Computational Methods
  106. Book review
  107. Gene identification in bacterial and organellar genomes using GeneScan
  108. Melting behavior of heterogenous atomic clusters: Gapless coexisting phases in (Ar–Xe)13
  109. Synchronization of strange nonchaotic attractors
  110. Instantaneous normal mode spectra of quantum clusters
  111. Preface
  112. Backbones of traffic jams
  113. Quantum chaos in collinear (He, H2+) collisions
  114. Pairwise balance and invariant measures for generalized exclusion processes
  115. Coupled maps on trees
  116. 1/fSpectra in Finite Atomic Clusters
  117. Maximal Lyapunov exponent in small atomic clusters
  118. Complex dynamics of atomic clusters
  119. Signatures of chaos in quantum billiards: Microwave experiments
  120. Symmetry breaking in quantum chaotic systems
  121. Scaling behavior in disordered sandpile automata
  122. Level spacings for harmonic-oscillator systems
  123. Chaos in Chemical Dynamics
  124. Exactly solved model of self-organized critical phenomena
  125. Spectral rigidity in atomic uranium
  126. Limits of weak damping of a quantum harmonic oscillator
  127. Semiclassical quantization of resonant systems
  128. Fractal Eigenfunctions in (Classically) Nonintegrable Hamiltonian Systems
  129. Transport in random networks in a field: interacting particles
  130. Scaling of moments in rotational inelasticity
  131. On the dynamics of controlled metabolic network and cellular behavior
  132. On backbends on percolation backbones
  133. Escape times in interacting biased random walks
  134. Sum rules in inelastic gas-surface scattering
  135. Quantum infomation from classical trajectories: Scaling deconvolution of moments in diatom-diatom collisions
  136. Classical Diffusion on Eden Trees
  137. A semiclassical quantization using arbitrary trajectories
  138. Elementary concepts in chaos and turbulence
  139. Collision dynamics of non-integrable systems: Validity of classical scaling
  140. Quasiperiodic quantum states
  141. The scaling principle in classical inelastic collisions
  142. Chaotic motions in vibrating molecules: The generalized Hénon-Heiles model
  143. Concerning the scaling behavior in the classical mechanics of non-reactive collisions: an analytic investigation
  144. Continuous quantization procedure in quasiclassical scattering: Application to atom-Morse oscillator collisions
  145. Perturbative examination of avoided crossings
  146. Classical methods in molecular scattering: a continuous quantization procedure
  147. Dynamics of Forced Coupled Oscillators: Classical Phenomenology of Infrared Multiphoton Absorption
  148. Semiclassical quantization of multidimensional systems
  149. On the correlation of rotationally inelastic rates: A scaling theoretical analysis
  150. Rotational inelasticity in high-energy H2H2 collisions
  151. Low-temperature rotational relaxation in gaseous H2 and D2
  152. Electron momentum distributions and compton profiles of some molecules with FSGO model