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  1. Test case generation for object oriented systems
  2. Mobile agent-based regression test case generation using model and formal specifications
  3. Synthesizing test scenarios in UML activity diagram using a bio-inspired approach
  4. A Systematic Review of Agent-Based Test Case Generation for Regression Testing
  5. Fuzzy Based Efficient Mechanism for URL Assignment in Dynamic Web Crawler
  6. Regression test selection using class, sequence and activity diagrams
  7. Crawling the web. A mobile based application for deep or hidden web.
  8. A systematic review of approaches for testing concurrent programs
  9. Web based GPS and GIS model for rural areas
  10. Web based rural Geographic Information System
  11. Test Path Selection of Polymorphic Call-sites
  12. Agent based regression testing framework
  13. Model based Test Cases Generation for Web Applications
  14. Code Clone v/s Model Clones: Pros and Cons
  15. Software clone detection: A systematic review
  16. Semantic Code Clone Detection Using Parse Trees and Grammar Recovery
  17. Model clone detection based on tree comparison
  18. Evaluation of Flow Graph and Dependence Graphs for Program Representation
  19. Behavior based Automated Test Case Generation for Object Oriented Systems
  20. K-Means Clustering of Use-Cases Using MDL
  21. A Review of Coupling and Cohesion Measurement in OO Systems Using Program Slicing
  22. Interaction Diagram Based Test Case Generation
  23. Pair-Wise Time-Aware Test Case Prioritization for Regression Testing
  24. Object use-cases clustering using MDL
  25. Change Impact Analysis: A Tool for Effective Regression Testing
  26. Testing functional requirements using B model specifications
  27. Ant colony based rule generation for reusable software component retrieval
  28. Improving Retrieval Effectiveness Using Ant Colony Optimization
  29. Ant colony based rule generation for reusable software component retrieval