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  1. Pearl: Physical Environment based Augmented Reality Lenses for In-Situ Human Movement Analysis
  2. Demonstrating CleAR Sight: Transparent Interaction Panels for Augmented Reality
  3. Spatiality and Semantics - Towards Understanding Content Placement in Mixed Reality
  4. Point Cloud Alignment through Mid-Air Gestures on a Stereoscopic Display
  5. Where Should We Put It? Layout and Placement Strategies of Documents in Augmented Reality for Collaborative Sensemaking
  6. STRAIDE: A Research Platform for Shape-Changing Spatial Displays based on Actuated Strings
  7. AvatAR: An Immersive Analysis Environment for Human Motion Data Combining Interactive 3D Avatars and Trajectories
  8. Bendable Color ePaper Displays for Novel Wearable Applications and Mobile Visualization
  9. Investigating Document Layout and Placement Strategies for Collaborative Sensemaking in Augmented Reality
  10. MIRIA: A Mixed Reality Toolkit for the In-Situ Visualization and Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Interaction Data
  11. MARVIS: Combining Mobile Devices and Augmented Reality for Visual Data Analysis
  12. Investigating the Impact of Real-World Environments on the Perception of 2D Visualizations in Augmented Reality
  13. Demonstrating Rapid Iron-On User Interfaces: Hands-on Fabrication of Interactive Textile Prototypes
  14. Augmented Displays: Seamlessly Extending Interactive Surfaces With Head-Mounted Augmented Reality
  15. Watch+Strap: Extending Smartwatches with Interactive StrapDisplays
  16. Rapid Iron-On User Interfaces: Hands-on Fabrication of Interactive Textile Prototypes
  17. BodyHub
  18. Investigating Smartphone-based Pan and Zoom in 3D Data Spaces in Augmented Reality
  19. Vistribute
  20. Pushables: A DIY Approach for Fabricating Customizable and Self-Contained Tactile Membrane Dome Switches
  21. Demonstrating David Meets Goliath
  22. DebugAR
  23. Demonstrating Reality-Based Information Retrieval
  24. ARCord
  25. Data Visualization on Mobile Devices
  26. When David Meets Goliath
  27. TouchNoise: Using Multitouch for Creative Music Making and Sound Production
  28. IllumiPaper
  29. GIAnT
  30. Focus Paragraph Detection for Online Zero-Effort Queries
  31. T4 - transparent and translucent tangibles on tabletops
  32. Use your head
  33. Going beyond the surface
  34. Stackables