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  1. Infinite-memory classical wave-particle entities, attractor-driven active particles, and the diffusionless Lorenz equations
  2. Dynamics, interference effects, and multistability in a Lorenz-like system of a classical wave–particle entity in a periodic potential
  3. Attractor-driven matter
  4. Utilizing bifurcations to separate particles in spiral inertial microfluidics
  5. Understanding chaotic motion of a wave-particle entity
  6. Anomalous transport of a classical wave-particle entity in a tilted potential
  7. Unsteady dynamics of a classical particle-wave entity
  8. Stop-and-go locomotion of superwalking droplets
  9. Emergence of superwalking droplets
  10. Superwalking Droplets
  11. Hong–Ou–Mandel-like two-droplet correlations
  12. Pilot-wave dynamics of two identical, in-phase bouncing droplets
  13. Einstein–Bose condensation of Onsager vortices