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  1. Till death (or divorce) do us part: Early-life family disruption and investment behavior
  2. What Determines the Return to Bribery? Evidence from Corruption Cases Worldwide
  3. The effect of supply chain power on bank financing
  4. An ill wind? Terrorist attacks and CEO compensation
  5. Finance, technology and disruption
  6. Why Do Firms Go Public Through Debt Instead of Equity?
  7. Size does not matter: Diseconomies of scale in the mutual fund industry revisited
  8. Social networks and financial outcomes
  9. Does the use of consultants to advise on CEO compensation increase CEO pay?
  10. Do board interlocks increase innovation? Evidence from a corporate governance reform in India
  11. What Doesn't Kill You Will Only Make You More Risk‐Loving: Early‐Life Disasters and CEO Behavior
  12. Past Performance May Be an Illusion: Performance, Flows, and Fees in Mutual Funds
  13. Do hedge funds dynamically manage systematic risk?
  14. A short introduction to corporate finance
  15. Executive Compensation
  16. Detecting Superior Mutual Fund Managers: Evidence from Copycats
  17. Is There Life after the Complete Loss of Analyst Coverage?
  18. Why are CEOs paid severance pay after they leave firms?
  19. Why are CEOs paid severance pay after they leave firms?
  20. Why are shareholders not paid to give up their voting privileges? Unique evidence from Italy
  21. Patterns in the Timing of Corporate Event Waves
  22. Helping Hand or Grabbing Hand? Central vs. Local Government Shareholders in Chinese Listed Firms*
  23. Independents’ day? Analyst behavior surrounding the Global Settlement
  24. Buy high, sell low: How listed firms price asset transfers in related party transactions
  25. Patterns in the Timing of Corporate Event Waves
  26. Changing Names with Style: Mutual Fund Name Changes and Their Effects on Fund Flows
  27. Investor Reaction to Corporate Event Announcements: Underreaction or Overreaction?
  28. Regulation, Taxes, and Share Repurchases in the United Kingdom
  29. A by Any Other Name
  30. Investment bank market share, contingent fee payments, and the performance of acquiring firms
  31. Glamour, value and the post-acquisition performance of acquiring firms
  32. Preface