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  1. Siamese adversarial network for object tracking
  2. Efficient and Fast Iris Localization Using Binary Radial Gradient Features for Human–Computer Interaction
  3. Context-based abnormal object detection using the fully-connected conditional random fields
  4. Depth Estimation From Light Field by Accumulating Binary Maps Based on Foreground–Background Separation
  5. Contrast-aware power control method for mobile active-matrix organic light-emitting diode display
  6. Colour image dehazing using near-infrared fusion
  7. Comprehensive analysis and evaluation to unsupervised binary hashing method in image similarity measurement
  8. Color Fringe Correction by the Color Difference Prediction Using the Logistic Function
  9. Separation of foreground and background from light field using gradient information
  10. Global motion compensated saliency estimation with a hand-held camera for video retiming
  11. Multilevel Residual Motion Compensation for High Efficiency Video Coding
  12. Pothole detection using spatio-temporal saliency
  13. Tone mapping with contrast preservation and lightness correction in high dynamic range imaging
  14. Power-constrained contrast enhancement for organic light-emitting diode display using locality-preserving histogram equalisation
  15. Correction of Saturated Regions in RGB Color Space
  16. Removing non-uniform camera shake using blind motion deblurring
  17. Reconstruction of an all-in-focus image by region-adaptive fusion of limited depth-of-field images
  18. Fast CU Partitioning Algorithm for HEVC Using an Online-Learning-Based Bayesian Decision Rule
  19. Face Recognition Using Dual Difference Regression Classification
  20. Iris Recognition Using the Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform
  21. Adaptive Disparity Estimation for Auto Convergence of Region of Interest in a Video
  22. Single image dehazing with wavelength-dependent transmissions using inter-channel correlations of a colour image
  23. New interface for musical instruments using lip reading
  24. Histogram-Based Locality-Preserving Contrast Enhancement
  25. Automatic Detection of Logos in Video and Their Removal Using Inpainting
  26. Efficient iris localisation using a guided filter
  27. Image Quality Assessment of Tone Mapped Images
  28. A New Image Quality Metric Using Compressive Sensing And A Filter Set Consisting of Derivative And Gabor Filters
  29. Unsupervised binary hashing method using locality preservation and quantisation error minimisation
  30. Segmentation of Cysts in Kidney and 3-D Volume Calculation from CT Images
  31. Segmentation with saliency map using colour and depth images
  32. Power-constrained contrast enhancement using locality-preserving histogram equalization
  33. Ghost and Noise Removal in Exposure Fusion for High Dynamic Range Imaging
  34. Color fringe correction based on image fusion
  35. Ghost-Free Image Using Blur and Noise Estimation
  36. Depth hole filling for 3-D reconstruction using color and depth images
  37. Color fringe correction using guided image filtering
  38. Efficient Video Indexing for Fast-Motion Video
  39. A new iris circle localization method using multi-directional gradient filters for gaze control
  40. Head pose estimation using a coplanar face model for human computer interaction
  41. Adaptive Demosaicing Algorithm Using Characteristics of the Color Filter Array Pattern
  42. Face Detection Using the 3X3 Block Rank Patterns of Gradient Magnitude Images
  43. Feature Based Ghost Removal in High Dynamic Range Imaging
  44. Appearance-based Representation and Rendering of Cast Shadows
  45. Image Segmentation using Multi-scale Normalized Cut
  46. Video Quality Assessment Using Laplacian Modeling of Motion Vector Distribution in Mobile Video Stream
  47. Colour fringe detection and correction in YC b C r colour space
  48. One-Dimensional Signature Representation for Three-Dimensional Convex Object Recognition
  49. Image and Video Quality Assessment Based on the Similarity of Edge Projections
  50. Video Completion Using Hierarchical Motion Estimation and Color Compensation
  51. Depth Map Generation Using Local Depth Hypothesis for 2D-TO-3D Conversion
  52. Color fringe removal in narrow color regions of digital images
  53. 3-D reconstruction using the Kinect sensor and its application to a visualization system
  54. Color fringe detection and correction in YCbCr space
  55. Noise reduction using multiscale bilateral decomposition for digital color images
  56. Depth hole filling using the depth distribution of neighboring regions of depth holes in the Kinect sensor
  57. Segmentation of the same object in different view
  58. Face Detection Using Adaboost and Template Matching of Depth Map based Block Rank Patterns
  59. Colour-stripe permutation pattern for rapid structured-light range imaging
  60. Noise reduction and adaptive contrast enhancement for local tone mapping
  61. Robust exemplar-based inpainting algorithm using region segmentation
  62. Chromatic aberration removal in narrow color regions of digital images
  63. Depth map generation from a single image using local depth hypothesis
  64. Performance Comparison of Principal Component Analysis-Based Face Recognition in Color Space
  65. Combined luminance compression and color constraint for color correction in tone mapping
  66. Local tone mapping using luminance compression and adaptive color saturation control parameter
  67. Noise reduction in high-ISO images using 3-D collaborative filtering and structure extraction from residual blocks
  68. Local tone mapping using the K-means algorithm and automatic gamma setting
  69. Noise reduction in high dynamic range images
  70. Video completion using robust motion estimation and color compensation
  71. Local tone mapping using K-means algorithm and automatic gamma setting
  72. Purple fringing correction using colorization in Yxy color space
  73. Face detection using the 3×3 block rank patterns of gradient magnitude images and a geometrical face model
  74. Gradient estimation in a color filter array image and its application to demosaicing
  75. Tone mapping using color correction function and image decomposition in high dynamic range imaging
  76. Image quality assessment using the amplitude/phase quantization code
  77. Detection and correction of purple fringing using color desaturation in the xy chromaticity diagram and the gradient information
  78. Image quality measure using the phase quantization code
  79. False contour reduction using neural networks and adaptive bi-directional smoothing
  80. Gradient information-based image quality metric
  81. Gradient information-based image quality metric
  82. Image quality measure using the phase quantization code
  83. False contour reduction using neural networks and adaptive bi-directional smoothing
  84. Adaptive edge-preserving smoothing and detail enhancement for video preprocessing of H.263
  85. A wavelet packet-based noise reduction algorithm of NTSC images using CVBS characteristics
  86. Building image retrieval using color and line features
  87. Evaluation of the image quality based on random measurements
  88. Eyelid and eyelash detection method in the normalized iris image using the parabolic Hough model and Otsu’s thresholding method
  89. A design of error resilient video transcoder using MDC into motion and texture field
  90. Adaptive video enhancement using neural network
  91. Red-eye detection and correction using inpainting in digital photographs
  92. New Image Quality Metric Using the Harris Response
  93. Histogram based ghost removal in high dynamic range images
  94. Structural information-based image quality assessment using LU factorization
  95. Image quality assessment using a vector quantization histogram
  96. A feature-based intra mode decision in H.264/AVC
  97. Adaptive video enhancement using neural network
  98. Adaptive demosaicing algorithm using characteristics of color filter array pattern
  99. Structural information-based image quality assessment using LU factorization
  100. Contrast enhancement of color images using modified error diffusion
  101. Image interpolation using interpolative classified vector quantization
  102. Visual quality metric using one-dimensional histograms of motion vectors
  103. Comparison of eyelid and eyelash detection algorithms for performance improvement of iris recognition
  104. Superresolution of a Region of Interest Using Feature-Based Affine Motion Estimation
  105. Reduction of Dot Crawl and Rainbow Artifacts in the NTSC Video
  106. High dynamic range for contrast enhancement
  107. False contour reduction using directional dilation and edge-preserving filtering
  108. MPEG-2 stereoscopic video coding technique using adaptive bandwidth control
  109. Absolute position estimation using IRS satellite images
  110. Reconstruction of intermediate views from stereoscopic images using disparity vectors estimated by the geometrical constraint
  111. Two-stage false contour detection using directional contrast features and its application to adaptive false contour reduction
  112. Shot boundary detection using scale invariant feature matching
  113. Interpolation of still images using the decay and persistence properties of discrete wavelet transform coefficients
  114. Resolution Enhancement by Prediction of the High-Frequency Image Based on the Laplacian Pyramid
  115. Adaptive Image Interpolation Using Weight CVQ
  116. Singular Value Decomposition-Based Illumination Compensation in Video
  117. Edge Detection Using a Complex-Valued Directional Vector Representation
  118. Optical Flow Based Frame Interpolation of Ultrasound Images
  119. Hierarchical Motion-Compensated Frame Interpolation Based on the Pyramid Structure
  120. Self-Calibration with Two Views Using the Scale-Invariant Feature Transform
  121. Super-resolution using POCS-based reconstruction with artifact reduction constraints
  122. Trinocular stereo sequence coding based on MPEG-2
  123. Block-based noise estimation using adaptive gaussian filtering
  124. Circulant Matrix Representation of Feature Masks and Its Applications
  125. Efficient Shot Boundary Detection for Action Movies Using Blockwise Motion-Based Features
  126. Block-based motion estimation using the pixelwise classification of the motion compensation error
  127. Block-based noise estimation using adaptive Gaussian filtering
  128. Efficient Algorithms for Motion Parameter Estimation in Object-Oriented Analysis-Synthesis Coding
  129. Frame interpolation of ultrasound images using optical flow
  130. A fast automatic VOP generation using boundary block segmentation
  131. Invariant texture retrieval using modified Zernike moments
  132. High-Contrast Color-Stripe Pattern for Rapid Structured-Light Range Imaging
  133. Semi-fragile Watermarking for Tamper Proofing and Authentication of Still Images
  134. Systolic array architectures for computation of the discrete wavelet transform
  135. Weighted-adaptive motion-compensated frame rate up-conversion
  136. Coarse-to-fine frame interpolation for frame rate up-conversion using pyramid structure
  137. Motion vector correction based on the pattern-like image analysis
  138. Range image reconstruction based on robust multiresolution estimation of surface parameters
  139. Real-time 3D ultrasound fetal image enhancment techniques using motion-compensated frame rate up-conversion
  140. Fast local motion-compensation algorithm for video sequences with brightness variations
  141. Rate-distortion optimized intra update for error resilience in MPEG-4 video coding
  142. Complex-Valued Feature Masks by Directional Filtering of 3×3 Compass Feature Masks
  143. Adaptive motion-compensated interpolation for frame rate up-conversion
  144. VLSI architectures of the 1-D and 2-D discrete wavelet transforms for JPEG 2000
  145. An efficient algorithm for video sequence matching using the modified Hausdorff distance and the directed divergence
  146. Comments on "Canonical coordinates and the geometry of inference, rate, and capacity"
  147. Two-class pattern classification using principal component analysis
  148. Comments on "optimal approximation of uniformly rotated images: relationship between Karhumen-Loeve expansion and discrete cosine transform"
  149. A surface-based approach to 3-D object recognition using a mean field annealing neural network
  150. Real-Time Implementation of the Relative Position Estimation Algorithm Using the Aerial Image Sequence
  151. Conformance test of simple profile MPEG-4 texture decoding
  152. Document image binarization based on topographic analysis using a water flow model
  153. Localization based on DEM matching using multiple aerial image pairs
  154. Integrated position estimation using aerial image sequences
  155. Efficient video sequence matching using the Cauchy function and the modified Hausdorff distance
  156. Robust Hausdorff distance matching algorithms using pyramidal structures
  157. Segmentation based on fusion of range and intensity images using robust trimmed methods
  158. Image retrieval based on data hiding
  159. Two-source decomposition and discrete-cosine-transform–Hadamard-transform coding of low-correlation interframe differences
  160. Detection of moving edges based on the concept of entropy and cross-entropy
  161. Hough transform for line and plane detection based on the conjugate formulation
  162. Two-dimensional object alignment based on the robust oriented Hausdorff similarity measure
  163. Hurst Parameter Estimation of Long-Range Dependent VBR MPEG Video Traffic in ATM Networks
  164. Fast texture description and retrieval of DCT-based compressed images
  165. LOT coding for arbitrarily shaped object regions
  166. Efficient algorithm for video sequence matching using the Hausdorff distance and the directed divergence
  167. Comments on “Robust control of the multiple mirror telescope adaptive secondary mirror”
  168. Automatic Segmentation of Multi-Spectral MR Brain Images Using a Neuro-Fuzzy Algorithm
  169. Detection of facial features based on the relaxation algorithm
  170. Recognition of 3D objects with curved surfaces based on the cross entropy between shape histograms
  171. Fast motion compensation algorithm for video sequences with local brightness variations
  172. Shell partition-based joint blind equalization for QAM systems
  173. Classification of 3D objects with curved surfaces based on cross-entropy between shape histograms
  174. An orientation reliability matrix for the iterative closest point algorithm
  175. Object-Based Very Low Bit-Rate Coding Using Motion Parameter Estimation Based on Multiple Frame Prediction
  176. Interpretation of eight-point discrete cosine and sine transforms as 3×3 orthogonal edge masks in terms of the Frei–Chen masks
  177. 3D object recognition in range images using hidden markov models and neural networks
  178. Error sensitivity of rotation angles in the ICP algorithm
  179. Object matching algorithms using robust Hausdorff distance measures
  180. One-dimensional frequency domain interpretation of compass roof edge and Frei–Chen line masks
  181. Hybrid estimation of navigation parameters from aerial image sequence
  182. Design of MPEG-2 video test bitstreams
  183. Wavelet based watermarking method for digital images using the human visual system
  184. A variable block-size dot-based watermarking method
  185. Analysis of Mixed Korean Documents Using the Branch and Bound Algorithm Based on DP Matching
  186. Multi-image photometric stereo using surface approximation by Legendre polynomials
  187. An object-oriented coder using block-based motion vectors and residual image compensation
  188. Eight-point discrete Hartley transform as an edge operator and its interpretation in the frequency domain
  189. Robust reweighted MAP motion estimation
  190. Hybrid approaches to frontal view face recognition using the hidden Markov model and neural network
  191. 1D frequency domain analysis of Frei-Chen edge masks
  192. One-dimensional frequency domain interpretation of complex compass gradient edge masks
  193. Hardware architectures of adaptive equalizers for the HDTV receiver
  194. Robust adaptive segmentation of range images
  195. Texture periodicity detection: features, properties, and comparisons
  196. Shape from Shading and Photometric Stereo Using Surface Approximation by Legendre Polynomials
  197. Unified systolic arrays for computation of the DCT/DST/DHT
  198. Some convergence properties of Godard's quartic algorithm
  199. Hybrid mapping parameter estimation using hierarchical structure in object-oriented coding
  200. A Two-Stage Algorithm for Motion Discontinuity-Preserving Optical Flow Estimation
  201. Two-layer video coding using pyramid structure for ATM networks
  202. Fast motion detection and compensation method based on hybrid mapping parameter estimation and hierarchical structure in object-oriented coding
  203. Anisotropic Hierarchical Motion Estimation Method Based on Decomposition of the Functional Domain
  204. Segmentation of statistical texture images using the metric space theory
  205. Off-line recognition of handwritten Korean and alphanumeric characters using hidden Markov models
  206. Still image coding based on vector quantization and fractal approximation
  207. VLSI architectures for block matching algorithms using systolic arrays
  208. Block matching algorithm using a genetic algorithm
  209. Investigation of texture periodicity extraction
  210. Sequence image coding based on fractal approximation using dynamic residual pools
  211. Three-dimensional object recognition using hidden Markov models
  212. Stereo matching using the morphological filtering and the fingerprints on the scale space
  213. Multiresolution edge detection techniques
  214. Stereo matching using hierarchical features for robotic applications
  215. A fast hierarchical motion vector estimation algorithm using mean pyramid
  216. On-line recognition of cursive Korean characters using DP matching and fuzzy concept
  217. Pyramid Structure Using Projection for Progressive Image Transmission
  218. Video Coding Using Variable Block-Size Segmentation by Motion Vectors
  219. Multistep polygonal approximation techniques
  220. Analysis of quantization error in line-based stereo matching
  221. Edge detection in noisy images based on the co-occurrence matrix
  222. Modification of the Reference Signal for Fast Convergence in LMS-Based Adaptive Equalizers
  223. Modification of the reference signal for fast convergence in LMS-based adaptive equalizers
  224. A Two-Stage Fast Block Matching Algorithm Using Integral Projections
  225. Vision-based orientation and position detection of ICs and PCBs
  226. Local motion-adaptive interpolation technique based on block matching algorithms
  227. Extracting spatial arrangement of structural textures using projection information
  229. Simple sequentially designed rule-based alphanumerics recognition algorithm for OCR document processing using a thinning process
  230. Edge-preserving artifact-free smoothing with image pyramids
  231. Extraction of straight line segments using rotation transformation: generalized hough transformation
  232. A comparative performance study of several global thresholding techniques for segmentation
  233. Extraction of periodicity vectors from structural textures using projection information
  234. A fourier interpretation of the Frei-Chen edge masks
  235. A comparative performance study of several global thresholding techniques for segmentation
  236. Contour coding based on the decomposition of line segments
  237. Comments on "A three-module strategy for edge detection" [with reply]
  238. Relaxation algorithm for shape matching of two-dimensional objects
  239. Motion vector coding with conditional transmission
  240. A new interpretation of the compass gradient edge operators
  241. A new interpretation of the compass gradient edge operators
  242. Local Motion-Adaptive Interpolation Technique
  243. Reduction of the blocking effect in block-coded images using a model of early human vision
  244. Connection admission control for video traffic using modified equivalent capacity
  245. Multiresolution surface parameter estimation for range images
  246. Image coding based on fractal approximation and vector quantization
  247. Pyramidal robust Hausdorff distance for object matching
  248. A novel approach to scene change detection using a cross entropy
  249. Conformance test of MPEG-4 shape decoding
  250. Two-layer object-oriented analysis-synthesis coding based on shape parameter decomposition
  251. Adaptive Edge-Preserving Smoothing and Detail Enhancement for H.263 and H.264 Video
  252. Edge-Preserving Spatial Deinterlacing for Still Images Using Block-Based Region Classification
  253. Joint blind equalization with a shell partition-based CMA for QAM signal constellations
  254. New systolic arrays for computation of the 1-D discrete wavelet transform
  255. Efficient VLSI architechtures of adaptive equalizers for QAM/VSB transmission
  256. Hybrid approaches to frontal view face recognition using the neural network
  257. New Hausdorff distances based on robust statistics for comparing images
  258. Color image palette construction based on the HSI color system for minimizing the reconstruction error
  259. Computation of effective bandwidth of aggregated VBR MPEG video traffic in ATM networks using the modified equivalent capacity
  260. A novel VLSI architecture for the full search block matching algorithm using systolic array
  261. Object Segmentation Based on a Nonparametric Snake with Motion Prediction in Video
  262. Feature-Based Affine Motion Estimation for Superresolution of a Region of Interest
  263. Image Representation Using a Sparsely Sampled Codebook for Super-Resolution
  264. A novel approach to video sequence matching using color and edge features with the modified Hausdorff distance
  265. Noise reduction of image sequences using H. 264/AVC variable block-size motion compensation
  266. Motion vector correction based on the pattern-like image analysis
  267. Hierarchical motion compensated frame rate up-conversion based on the Gaussian/Laplacian pyramid
  268. Weighted-adaptive motion-compensated frame rate up-conversion
  269. Adaptive motion-compensated interpolation for frame rate up-conversion
  270. A fast encoding method without search for fractal image compression
  271. Watermarking for still images using the human visual system in the DCT domain
  272. Wavelet based watermarking method for digital images using the human visual system
  273. Pattern matching assisted motion estimation and motion vector histogram analysis for interlaced-to-progressive conversion
  274. Three-dimensional DCT/WT compression using motion vector segmentation for low bit-rate video coding
  275. Wavelet packet-based progressive image transmission by prioritized subband selection and multistage quantization
  276. Feature-Based Affine Motion Estimation for Superresolution of a Region of Interest
  277. Fuzzy-based recognition of human front faces using the trapezoidal membership function
  278. Implementation of the 3-view MPEG-2 encoder/decoder using the fastimage 1300 board
  279. Two-stage False Contour Detection Algorithm Using Re-quantization and Directional Contrast Features and Its Application to Adaptive False Contour Reduction
  280. Watermarking for Still Images Using a Computation of the Watermark Weighting Factor and the Human Visual System in the DCT Domain