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  1. Manipulation in Health Care: A Positive or Negative Experience?
  2. Finding Common Ground for the Common Good: Compromise in Health Care
  3. Change Management in Health Care and Mental Health Nursing
  4. Mental Health of Refugee Children: A Discursive Look at Causes, Considerations and Interventions
  5. Prevalence and Risk Factors of Emergency Department Presentations with Methamphetamine Intoxication or Dependence: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
  6. Mine, Yours and Ours: Sharing and Its Value in Mental Health
  7. When the Problem is ‘Global’ but the Response is Not: Inequities in Mental Health Services in Low-and Middle-Income Countries
  8. Christians with chronic complex trauma and relationally focused spiritual difficulties: A conversational model perspective
  9. Implementing a Trauma-Informed Model of Care in a Community Acute Mental Health Team
  10. Type-D Personality and Elevated Psychological Symptoms In Early Adjustment of Severe Burn Injury Patients
  11. Cauliflower ear – a minimally invasive treatment method in a wrestling athlete: a case report
  12. Burn care and rehabilitation in Australia: health professionals’ perspectives
  13. People with Borderline Personality Disorder and Burns: Some Considerations for Health Professionals
  14. Burnout and compassion fatigue: prevalence and associations among Israeli burn clinicians
  15. The development and impact of heterotopic ossification in burns: a review of four decades of research
  16. Enhancing adult therapeutic interpersonal relationships in the acute health care setting: an integrative review
  17. Bcc in scar
  18. Hypergranulation
  19. The role of resilience in the recovery of the burn-injured patient: an integrative review
  20. Rigorous, robust and systematic: Qualitative research and its contribution to burn care. An integrative review
  21. The patient–body relationship and the "lived experience" of a facial burn injury: a phenomenological inquiry of early psychosocial adjustment
  22. Ongoing ethical issues concerning authorship in biomedical journals: an integrative review
  23. Ethical implications of digital images for teaching and learning purposes: an integrative review
  24. The effectiveness of collaborative models of care that facilitate rehabilitation from a traumatic injury: a systematic review protocol
  25. Inpatient peer support for adult burn survivors—A valuable resource: A phenomenological analysis of the Australian experience
  26. Coming to terms with it all: Adult burn survivors’ ‘lived experience’ of acknowledgement and acceptance during rehabilitation
  27. Adult burn survivors’ personal experiences of rehabilitation: An integrative review
  28. Applying for ethical approval for a national multisite study
  29. Enduring feelings of powerlessness as a burns nurse: A descriptive phenomenological inquiry
  30. Building Resilience in Burns Nurses: A Descriptive Phenomenological Inquiry
  31. Psychosocial Needs of Burns Nurses: A Descriptive Phenomenological Inquiry