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  1. The influence of autonomy on personal support workers’ job satisfaction, capacity to care, and intention to stay
  2. Home Support Workers and Older Men
  3. Utilization of Formal and Informal Home Care: How Do Older Canadians’ Experiences Vary by Care Arrangements?
  4. ‘Independence’ among older people receiving support at home: the meaning of daily care practices
  5. Supporting Family Involvement in Long-Term Residential Care: Promising Practices for Relational Care
  6. Skills of Workers in Long-Term Residential Care: Exploring Complexities, Challenges, and Opportunities
  7. Family Matters: The Work and Skills of Family/Friend Carers in Long-Term Residential Care
  8. Reconciling Tensions: Needing Formal and Family/Friend Care but Feeling like a Burden
  9. Homelessness and aging: The contradictory ordering of ‘house’ and ‘home’
  10. ‘Growing Old’ in Shelters and ‘On the Street’: Experiences of Older Homeless People
  11. A Literature Review on Homelessness and Aging
  12. Home Care Workers’ Skills in the Context of Task Shifting: Complexities in Care Work
  13. Task shifting in the provision of home and social care in Ontario, Canada: implications for quality of care
  14. Caregivers’ Interpretations of Time and Biography
  15. Home Care Workers
  16. A Place to Call Home: Intellectual Disabilities and Residential Services in Nova Scotia