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  1. Tissue Distribution and Visualization of Internalized Human Norovirus in Leafy Greens
  2. Deletion of a 197-Amino-Acid Region in the N-Terminal Domain of Spike Protein Attenuates Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus in Piglets
  3. Recognition of Histo-Blood Group Antigen-Like Carbohydrates in Lettuce by Human GII.4 Norovirus
  4. Mechanism of Cell Culture Adaptation of an Enteric Calicivirus, the Porcine Sapovirus Cowden Strain
  5. Abiotic Stress and Phyllosphere Bacteria Influence the Survival of Human Norovirus and Its Surrogates on Preharvest Leafy Greens
  6. Postharvest Survival of Porcine Sapovirus, a Human Norovirus Surrogate, on Phytopathogen-Infected Leafy Greens
  7. Feline Calicivirus, Murine Norovirus, Porcine Sapovirus, and Tulane Virus Survival on Postharvest Lettuce
  8. Antigenic Relationships among Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus and Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus Strains
  9. Comprehensive Review of Human Sapoviruses
  10. First Complete Genome Sequences of Genogroup VI Porcine Sapoviruses
  11. Complete Genome Sequence of the Feline Calicivirus 2280 Strain from the American Tissue Culture Collection
  12. First Complete Genome Sequence of a Genogroup II Genotype 18 Porcine Norovirus, Strain QW125
  13. Prevalence of Porcine Noroviruses, Molecular Characterization of Emerging Porcine Sapoviruses from Finisher Swine in the United States, and Unified Classification Scheme for Sapoviruses