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  1. The Impact of Trade Openness on Economic Growth in China: An Empirical Analysis
  2. Trade openness and economic growth: empirical evidence from India
  3. Foreign direct investment and liberalization policies in Pakistan: An empirical analysis
  4. Economic growth, energy consumption, financial development, international trade and CO2 emissions in Indonesia
  5. Trade-led growth hypothesis: An empirical analysis of South Asian countries
  6. Does economic liberalization promote economic growth in Pakistan? An empirical analysis
  7. Does financial development hamper economic growth: empirical evidence from Bangladesh
  8. Tourism-Led Growth Hypothesis: A Case Study of Pakistan
  9. The environmental Kuznets curve and the role of coal consumption in India: Cointegration and causality analysis in an open economy
  10. Financial Liberalization and Demand for Money: A Case of Pakistan
  11. Energy consumption and economic growth: evidence from non-OPEC oil producing states
  12. Network tomography using genetic algorithms
  13. Import‐economic growth nexus: ARDL approach to cointegration
  14. An Empirical Study of Inter-sectoral Linkages and Economic Growth
  15. Exports, imports and economic growth in China: an ARDL analysis
  16. Trade, human capital and agricultural sector growth of Pakistan economy
  17. Long term effect of trade openness on economic growth in case of Pakistan
  18. Economics, finance and development in China
  19. Impact of financial liberalization on agricultural growth: a case study of Pakistan
  20. Financial development index and economic growth: empirical evidence from India
  21. Growth and Energy Nexus: An Empirical Analysis of Bangladesh Economy
  22. Import Demand Function for Bangladesh: A Rolling Window Analysis
  23. Food Prices and Money Supply: A Causality Analysis for Bangladesh Economy
  24. Agricultural Land Expansion in Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis
  25. Financial Sector Reforms and Household Savings in Pakistan: An ARDL Approach
  26. Relationship between Money Supply and Agricultural Prices: A Case Study of Pakistan Economy