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  1. Perspective on ‘Phase V’ or Logistics and Regression as Logical Progression for Community Heart Failure Triage
  2. Defining Vulnerable Patients with Heart Failure: Opportunistic Lessons from Covid-19
  3. Common Comorbidities that Alter Heart Failure Prognosis - Shaping New Thinking for Practice
  4. Part 1: The Wider Considerations in Translating Heart Failure Guidelines
  5. Moving From Heart Failure Guidelines to Clinical Practice: Gaps Contributing to Readmissions in Patients With Multiple Comorbidities and Older Age
  6. Cardiac Imaging in Heart Failure with Comorbidities
  7. Self Managing Heart Failure in Remote Australia - Translating Concepts into Clinical Practice
  8. Heart Failure in Minority Populations - Impediments to Optimal Treatment in Australian Aborigines
  9. Phase 4 Studies in Heart Failure - What is Done and What is Needed?
  10. Contextualizing Genetics for Regional Heart Failure Care
  11. A Review of the External Validity of Clinical Trials with Beta-Blockers in Heart Failure