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  1. Expectation Formation in Case of Newer Hotels
  2. The impact of organizational pressures on environmental performance of firms
  3. The impacts of marketing and operations capabilities on financial performance in the UK retail sector: A resource-based perspective
  4. Complementary effects of relational bonds in information asymmetry contexts
  5. Impact of environmental regulations on innovation and performance in the UK industrial sector
  6. The impact of marketing capability, operations capability and diversification strategy on performance: A resource-based view
  7. Role of electronic trust in online retailing
  8. An empirical assessment of comparative approaches to service quality measurement
  9. Reverse auctions for relationship marketers
  10. Reverse auctions and buyer–seller relationships: A rejoinder to Emiliani and Stec's commentary
  11. A model of trust in online relationship banking
  12. Performance benchmarking and strategic homogeneity of Indian banks