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  1. Governance and Well-being in Academia: Negative Consequences of Applying an Agency Theory Logic in Higher Education
  2. El modelo de demandas-control-apoyo y su relación con el riesgo percibido de enfermedad-accidente. Una aplicación a la Comunidad Autónoma andaluza
  3. Integration: attitudes, patterns and practices
  4. Job Stress Across Gender: The Importance of Emotional and Intellectual Demands and Social Support in Women
  5. Stakeholder pressure and environmental proactivity
  6. Barriers to the adoption of proactive environmental strategies
  7. The effects of nationality of origin on satisfaction: An application for the public service of social housing
  8. The Marketing Approach in Relationships Between Universities and Firms
  9. Curricular profile of university graduates versus business demands
  10. Determinants of the satisfaction of firms with the competencies of university students: a Spanish case study
  11. Determinants of the Voluntary Behaviour of Firms in Their Relationships with Universities
  12. What Prevents Firms from Advancing in their Environmental Strategy?
  13. A new management element for universities: satisfaction with the offered courses
  14. Job satisfaction: empirical evidence of gender differences
  15. Measuring customer satisfaction in summer courses
  16. Determinants of Satisfaction with University Summer Courses
  17. The benefits of relationship marketing for the consumer and for the fashion retailers
  18. Caracteristicas de las personas que acuden a las consultas de demanda del centro de salud sin citación previa