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  1. Verification of the accommodative responses in viewing an on-axis analog reflection hologram
  2. Recording Ultra-Realistic Full-Color Analog Holograms for Use in a Moving Hologram Display
  3. CHIMERA, a new holoprinter technology combining low-power continuous lasers and fast printing
  4. The Zerotrope, a Dynamic Holographic Display: Design and Implementation
  5. Fantatrope, a moving hologram display: design and implementation
  6. Design and implementation of a full-color holographic thaumatrope
  7. Design and implementation of the Zerotrope: a novel dynamic holographic display
  8. Full-color reflection H2 analog hologram recorded on ultra-fine-grain silver-halide material.
  9. A Zerotrope™ with an ultra-realistic full-color digital hologram
  10. An updated diorama with a full-color H2 analog hologram
  11. Ultimate 04 the new reference for ultra-realistic color holography
  12. New LED’s Wavelengths Improve Drastically the Quality of Illumination of Pulsed Digital Holograms
  13. Ultimate emulsion and its applications: a laboratory-made silver halide emulsion of optimized quality for monochromatic pulsed and full-color holography