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  1. Repurposing simvastatin as a therapy for preterm labor: evidence from preclinical models
  2. Immunoprofiling of human uterine mast cells identifies three phenotypes and expression of ERβ and glucocorticoid receptor
  3. Steroids Regulate CXCL4 in the Human Endometrium During Menstruation to Enable Efficient Endometrial Repair
  4. Endometrial repair mechanisms
  5. Evidence of androgen action in endometrial and ovarian cancers
  6. Endometrial Intracrinology—Generation of an Estrogen-dominated Microenvironment in the Secretory Phase of Women
  7. In SilicoAnalysis Identifies a Novel Role for Androgens in the Regulation of Human Endometrial Apoptosis
  8. A Role for the Orphan Nuclear Receptor Estrogen-Related Receptor α in Endometrial Stromal Cell Decidualization and Expression of Genes Implicated in Energy Metabolism
  9. Differential Expression of Two Estrogen Receptor β Isoforms in the Human Fetal Testis during the Second Trimester of Pregnancy
  10. ERβ1 and the ERβ2 Splice Variant (ERβcx/β2) Are Expressed in Distinct Cell Populations in the Adult Human Testis