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  1. The UK is entering a new phase in regulating internet platforms.
  2. The mediated public sphere is in flux.
  3. The creative economy in question
  4. Cultural sociologist Philip Schlesinger is interviewed by Tore Slaatta
  5. The complexity of researching media and cultural organisations
  6. Intellectuals and Cultural Policies
  7. Curators of Cultural Enterprise
  8. Mass Media and Cultural Identity
  9. Researching Cultural Enterprise Office
  10. Where Next for Cultural Business Support?
  11. Nation, State and Creative Economy
  12. Organisational Values and Practices of Support
  13. Origins and Development of CEO
  14. Future-Proofing CEO?
  15. The transformation of news media
  16. Uma Tentação Cosmopolita
  17. Devolution and Communications Policy in Scotland
  18. Essai sur l’ethnographie littéraire
  19. Book Reviews
  20. The Reinvention of Scotland?
  21. Introduction
  22. Emerging Issues
  23. Book Reviews
  24. Book Reviews
  25. Crime and Criminal Justice in the Media
  26. L'identité nationale. De l'incantation à l'analyse
  27. The Berlusconi Phenomenon
  28. Le chaînon manquant: le professionnalisme et le public
  29. Between Sociology and Journalism
  30. Press freedom campaign
  31. On the Stratification of Political Knowledge: Studying ‘Eurocommunism’, an Unfolding Ideology
  33. Intellectuals and Cultural Policies