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  1. Design and development of wireless power transfer system for implantable cardioverter defibrillator
  2. Dynamic Wireless EV Charging System using MPPT algorithm
  3. Preface
  4. Implementation of OCPP Protocol for Electric Vehicle Applications
  5. Extensive review on Laminated bus bar for low and high power applications
  6. Extensive review on Supercapacitor cell voltage balancing
  7. A case Study on wired and Wireless charger standards in India for Electric Vehicle Application
  8. Communication between PHEV’s and Smart Grid using Zigbee Protocol
  9. Development of wireless charging system along with power line communication used in Electric Vehicles
  10. Variable Switch Regenerative Braking Technique for PM BLDC Motor Driven Electric Two-wheeler
  11. Design of a Universal Wireless Charging System for Mobile and Laptop Applications
  12. Water Level Monitoring and Management of Dams using IoT
  13. Effect of coil structures on performance of a four-coil WPT powered medical implantable devices
  14. A study on effect of coil structures and core configurations on parameters of wireless EV charging system
  15. Effect of Lateral and Angular Misalignments on Power Transfer Efficiency of a Wireless EV Charging System
  16. A comparative analysis on WPT system using various power transfer methodologies and core configurations
  17. Effect of coil geometry and shielding on wireless power transfer system
  18. Effects of coil misalignment in a four coil implantable wireless power transfer system
  19. Design and analysis of a robust system for wirelessly powering implantable devices
  20. Realization of complete permanent magnet brushless DC motor drive for electric two-wheelers
  21. Investigations and experimental study on Magnetic Resonant coupling based Wireless Power Transfer system for neighborhood EV's
  22. Comprehensive mathematical modelling and experimental analysis of a wireless power transfer system for neighborhood electric vehicles
  23. Extensive analysis on wireless power transformer for various core configurations
  24. Modeling and analysis of hybrid energy storage systems used in Electric vehicles
  25. Compact regenerative braking scheme for a PM BLDC motor driven electric two-wheeler