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  1. Time management profiles of Cypriot school principals: a mixed-methods approach
  2. Multidimensional Perspectives on Principal Leadership Effectiveness
  3. Cyprus
  4. Modeling School Leadership across Europe
  5. The Conceptualization and Development of the Pashiardis–Brauckmann Holistic Leadership Framework
  6. Leadership Styles and School Climate Variables of the Pashiardis-Brauckmann Holistic Leadership Framework: An Intimate Relationship?
  7. The Leadership Styles of the Pashiardis-Brauckmann Holistic Leadership Framework Across Europe
  8. The Origins of Two Research Projects: LISA and Pro-LEAD
  9. Methodological Approach for the LISA and Pro-LEAD Projects
  10. In Search of the Right Leadership Cocktail Mix: Being Locally Responsive to Global Issues
  11. Exploring a New Cocktail Mix in Cyprus: School Principals’ Epistemological Beliefs and Leadership Styles
  12. Successful secondary principalship in Cyprus
  13. Contextual framing for school leadership training
  14. The Interplay Between Instructional and Entrepreneurial Leadership Styles in Cyprus Rural Primary Schools
  15. A validation study of the leadership styles of a holistic leadership theoretical framework
  16. Guest editorial
  17. Culturally Responsive Practices
  18. The clash of evaluations
  19. The influence of school leadership styles and culture on students' achievement in Cyprus primary schools
  20. Professional development of school leaders in Cyprus: is it working?
  21. Educational leadership and management: blending Greek philosophy, myth and current thinking
  22. The future of our schools
  23. Democracy and leadership in the educational system of Cyprus
  24. The Management of Small Primary Schools: The Case of Cyprus
  25. The Quality of Courses at the University of Cyprus: A case study and comparative analysis
  26. An insight into elementary principalship in Cyprus: the teachers’ perspective
  27. Moving towards a quality climate at the University of Cyprus
  28. Towards effectiveness: what do secondary school leaders need in Cyprus?
  29. Higher Education in Cyprus: Facts, Issues, Dilemmas, and Solutions
  30. Environmental scanning in educational organizations: uses, approaches, sources and methodologies
  31. Teacher Participation in Decision Making
  32. Strategic Planning: The Public School Setting
  33. Group Decision Making: The Role of the Principal
  34. Selection Methods for Educational Administrators in the USA
  35. Cyprus
  36. Cyprus
  37. Emotional Intelligence and Political Skill Really Matter in Educational Leadership