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  1. Dielectric Properties Estimation of Solvation Shells and Nano-cavities by Solvatochromic Shift in Organic Dye Spectrum
  2. Quasi-Stationary Evaporation of a Small Droplet on a Flat Substrate: New Analytical Solution
  3. Controlling the optical spectrum of a molecule by its vibrations and rotations
  4. A Thermodynamic Model of Nucleation of p-Terphenyl Crystals with Surface Energy Anisotropy at the Liquid–Air Interface
  5. Electron Emission Properties of Self-Assembling Nanodiamond‒Polymer Nanocomposite Coatings
  6. Computation the Effective Dielectric Constant of Nano-Probe Local Surrounding by Solvatochromic Spectral Shift Measurement of Organic Dye Molecule
  7. Studying the Dielectric Properties of the Curcubituril Cavity on the Basis of the Solvatochromic Effect of Styryl Dye upon the Formation of an Inclusion Complex
  8. Computation of dielectric properties of nano-probe local surroundings by solvatochromic spectral shift measurement of organic dye molecule
  9. Computer modeling and simulation of electrically charged nano/micro-particles interaction into aqueous solution by the Brownian dissipative dynamics of their atomic counterions ensemble
  10. Self-Assembling Polymer–Nanodiamond Composite Coatings for Vacuum Cathodes
  11. Drying droplet deposited on poor wetting substrate: beyond the lubrication approximation
  12. Optical analysis of nanoparticle packing after drying in microdroplets
  13. The influence of the N-Ammonioalkyl substituent length on the structure and spectra of styryl dye complexes with cucurbit[7]uril
  14. Photochromic properties of modified nanodiamonds
  15. Acoustic microfluidics: Capillary waves and vortex currents in a spherical fluid drop
  16. Formation of nanodiamond films from aqueous suspensions during spin coating
  17. Evaporation dynamics and Marangoni number estimation for sessile picoliter liquid drop of binary mixture solution
  18. Sorption processes of styryl dyes dications with N-ammonioalkyl substituent of varying length on the surface of polystyrene submicroparticles
  19. Acoustic microfluidics: Capillary waves and vortex flows in the cylindrical volume of a fluid drop
  20. Plasma frequency approach to estimate the Debye temperature of the ionic crystals and metal alloys
  21. Acoustic flows in a fluid layer on a vibrating substrate
  22. Simulation of self-assembly in an evaporating droplet of colloidal solution by dissipative particle dynamics
  23. Self-assembly of nanoparticles in the microvolume of colloidal solution: Physics, modeling, and experiment
  24. Model of absorption of gaseous naphthalene by ordered layers of polymer submicroparticles with nanostructured shells
  25. Sound absorption in a colloidal solution of interacting particles
  26. Controlling the self-assemblage of modified colloid particle ensembles in solution microdroplets
  27. Investigation of the shape and stability of a liquid drop on a rotating substrate
  28. Simulation of self-assembly of micro- and nanoparticles in an evaporating microdrop of solution
  29. Self-assembly of ensembles of polystyrene submicroparticles modified by styryl dye in evaporating microdrop of solution
  30. Effect of substrate temperature on the self-assembly of particles in the evaporating droplet of colloidal solution
  31. Self-organization of particles in an evaporating meniscus of a colloidal solution
  32. Self-assembly of colloidal-particle ensembles in an acoustic field
  33. Self-assembly of ordered layers of silica microspheres on a vertical plate
  34. Sound attenuation in a liquid containing suspended particles of micron and nanometer dimensions
  35. Sound absorption by a solution of nanoparticles
  36. Self-assembly of micro- and nanostructures during their two-stage spin-coating
  37. Nanoclusters of dielectric liquids: A weight density functional theory study based on an electroelastic model of an interface layer
  38. Electroelastic model of the interface and the size effect in nanodroplets
  39. Flow of a viscous compressible medium: Invalidity of the Navier-Stokes equation
  40. Driving forces of the solute self-organization in an evaporating liquid microdroplet
  41. Crystallization of solutes from droplets
  42. Investigations of crystallization of solutions in microdroplets on an Affymetrix GMS 417 Arrayer device
  43. Interrelation between diamagnetic and thermodynamic properties of materials