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  1. Applying the ICF codes, flag model and C-OAR-SE in the development of return-to-work assessment scale for stroke survivors
  2. Validation of content and structure of the Return-to-work assessment for post-stroke survivors
  3. Structural validity and reliability of the return to work assessment scale among post stroke survivors
  4. Factors Influencing the Use of Outcome Measures for Patients with Low Back Pain: A Survey of Nigerian Physiotherapists
  5. Burden of caregiving, social support and quality of life of informal caregivers of patients with cerebral palsy
  6. Prevalence of Pes Planus and Its Associated Factors Among Primary School Pupils Aged 8-12 Years in Southeast Nigeria
  7. Establishing the reliability and validity of the igbo version of DASH.
  8. Assessment of stigma among people living with Hansens disease in south-east Nigeria
  9. Establishing the psychometric properties of the IGBO version of the participation scale
  10. Influence of Dominant Body Somatotype and Sex Difference on Q-angle and Selected Skeletal Measures Among Undergraduates in a South-Eastern Nigerian University
  11. Relationship between isometric endurance of back extensor muscles and selected anthropometric indices among some Nigerian undergraduates
  12. Relationships Between Transtheoretical Model Stages of Change, Decisional Balance, Self-Efficacy, and Physical Activity Level Among Nigerian Market Vendors
  13. Predictors of Burnout Syndrome Among Nigerian Physiotherapists