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  1. A Bit of History
  2. A Bouncing Baby!
  3. A Final Thought
  4. A Human Touch
  5. Baby Blues
  6. Baby is Back!
  7. Blood and Toil
  8. Kill or Cure?
  9. No One Likes the Dentist
  10. That's a Nice Vein
  11. The Vatican and More
  12. Who Are You Calling Fat?
  13. The Regeneration Promise
  14. This paper describes the stem cells found inside human teeth
  15. This is a book chapter about the embryology of fetal tissue
  16. This is a book chapter about cord blood stem cells
  17. Tribute to Bob Edwards
  18. The treatment of genetic anaemia in mice using normal mouse derived embryonic stem cells
  19. Transplantation of blood forming stem cells into normal mice
  20. This is my first ever stem cell publication