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  1. Magnetic Tunnel Junction-based molecular spintronics devices (MTJMSD)
  2. Monte Carlo simulation to study the effect of molecular spin state on the spatio-temporal evolution of equilibrium magnetic properties of magnetic tunnel junction based molecular spintronics devices
  3. How Far Molecule Effect Can Range on MTJ based Molecular Spintronics Device at RT?
  4. Solar Cell Phenomena on Ferromagnetic Films of Magnetic Tunnel Junction-based Molecular Devices
  5. Magnetic tunnel junction based molecular devices exhibiting current suppression at room temperature
  6. Nanoscale Tantalum layer impacting magnetic properties of tunnel junction-based molecular devices
  7. GaAs(100) Surface Passivation with Sulfide and Fluoride Ions
  8. Student Presentation Based Effective Teaching (SPET) Approach for Advanced Courses
  9. Taguchi Design of Experiment for the Optimization of Electrochemical Polishing of Metal Additive Manufacturing Components
  10. Patternable Rough Textured Gold Microwire for Neurochemical Sensing
  11. Paramagnetic molecule induced strong antiferromagnetic exchange coupling on a magnetic tunnel junction based molecular spintronics device
  12. Advantages of Prefabricated Tunnel Junction-Based Molecular Spintronics Devices
  13. Easily Adoptable Interactive Teaching Practices and Students Progress Monitoring Strategies
  14. Tunnel junction testbed based molecular devices
  15. A Monte Carlo study of molecular nanostructure based spintronics devices
  16. Spin Photovoltaic Effect on Molecule Coupled Ferromagnetic Films of a Magnetic Tunnel Junction
  17. A Monte Carlo Study of Molecular Spintronics Devices
  18. Molecular Magnet Induced Transformative Effects in Molecular Spintronics Devices: A Monte Carlo Study
  19. Room Temperature Current Suppression on Magnetic Tunnel Junction Based Molecular Spintronics Devices
  20. Molecule Induced Strong Coupling between Ferromagnetic Electrodes of a Molecular Spintronics Device
  21. Fabrication of tunnel junction-based molecular electronics and spintronics devices
  22. Highlighting​ the advantages of tunnel junction based molecular devices
  23. Ultrathin TaOx film based photovoltaic device