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  1. New ways for simple and fast derivation/estimate of nuclear lifetimes in RDDS measurements
  2. New modeling of Epidemics based on tracking of successive generations of infected people in time
  3. New lifetime measurements for the lowest quadrupole states in Ne20,22
  4. The Spectral difference method applied to plunger data: Lifetime determination at one distance
  5. On the imprecisions that may be induced when applying the Blaugrund approximation for the analysis of Doppler-shift attenuation lifetime measurements
  6. Erratum: Lifetime measurements with improved precision in S30...
  7. Erratum: Backbending in the pear-shaped Th90223 nucleus: Evidence of a hi...
  8. Robustness of the analysis of Doppler-shift attenuation lifetime measurements according to the coincidence differential decay curve method with respect to class of uncertainties in the stopping powers
  9. Shape coexistence and collective low-spin states in Sn112,114
  10. Dynamic chirality in mass regions A=105 and A=130
  11. Low collectivity of the first 2+ states of 212,210Po
  12. Low-lying electromagnetic transition strengths in Pt180
  13. On the effect of the hyperfine interactions on Recoil distance Doppler-shift lifetime measurements
  14. Cross-shell excitations from the fp shell: Lifetime measurements in <...
  15. Low collectivity of the 21+ state of
  16. Lifetime measurements with improved precision in S30,32<...
  17. A revised B(E2;2+ 1 $ \rightarrow$ → 0+ 1) value in the semi-magic nucleus 210Po
  18. Nuclear structure investigations of 84Sr and 86Sr using γ-ray spectroscopic methods
  19. Lifetimes and electromagnetic transition strengths in Dy157
  20. High-spin states and lifetimes in S33 and shell-model int...
  21. Multifaceted Quadruplet of Low-Lying Spin-Zero States in Ni66...
  22. Backbending in the pear-shaped Th90223 nucleus: Evidence of a high-spin o...
  23. Lifetime measurements in Ru100
  24. On the quadrupole collectivity in the yrast band of 168Yb
  25. Application of the differential decay-curve method to γ–γ fast-timing lifetime measurements
  26. Investigation of chirality in the case of 102Rh
  27. Lifetimes and electromagnetic transition strength in157Dy
  28. Search for mixed-symmetry states in212Po
  29. Nuclear structure of 96,98Mo: Shape coexistence and mixed-symmetry states
  30. Lifetime measurements inPd102: Searching for empirical proof of the E(5) critica...
  31. Low-lying isovector2+valence-shell excitations of
  32. Search for mixed-symmetry states of nuclei in the vicinity of the double-magic nucleus208Pb
  33. Lifetime measurements in mass regions A=100 and A=130 as a test for chirality in nuclear systems
  34. Collective excitations ofRu96by means of
  35. Lifetime measurement of excited low-spin states via the (p,
  36. New procedures for analyzing Doppler-shift attenuation lifetime measurements
  37. Study of mixed-symmetry excitations in 96Ru via inelastic proton-scattering
  38. Mixed-symmetry octupole and hexadecapole excitations inN=52isotones
  39. Mixed-symmetry octupole and hexadecapole excitations in theN=52isotones
  40. Different collectivity in the two signatures of thei13/2stemming band in167Yb
  41. Electromagnetic transition strengths in33S
  42. In a search for a chiral symmetry in102Rh
  43. Level-scheme investigation of33S
  44. Coexisting structures inRu105
  45. Candidates for Twin Chiral Bands inRh102...
  46. Low-lying bands with different quadrupole deformation in155Dy
  47. Spectroscopy of the odd-odd chiral candidate nucleus102Rh
  48. Test of the <mml:math altimg="si1.gif" overflow="scroll" xmlns:xocs="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="" x...
  49. Evidence for shape coexistence in98Mo
  50. Lifetimes and electromagnetic transition strengths in155Dy
  51. Submicrosecond isomer in45117Rh
  52. A new version of the differential decay curve method for Doppler-shift attenuation lifetime measurements
  53. Centrifugal stretching from lifetime measurements in the170Hf ground state band
  54. Plunger lifetimes and electromagnetic transition strengths in odd 167Yb
  55. Study of vibrational signatures in 102Ru
  56. Developing the Recoil Distance Doppler-Shift technique towards a versatile tool for lifetime measurements of excited nuclear states
  57. 182Pt as a possible candidate for X(5) symmetry
  58. Electromagnetic transition strengths in155Dy
  59. Fast-timing measurements performed at ALTO on137,139Cs
  60. Level scheme investigation of102Rh
  61. Search for one-phonon mixed-symmetry states in the radioactive nucleus140Nd
  62. AGATA—Advanced GAmma Tracking Array
  63. Yrast electromagnetic transition strengths and shape coexistence in 182Pt
  64. Check for chirality in [sup 102]Rh
  65. A new recoil distance technique using low energy coulomb excitation in inverse kinematics
  66. A novel manifestation ofαclustering in212Po: Pure α-208Pb states revealed by their enhanced E1 decays
  67. Collectivity of Exotic Heavy Fe Isotopes
  68. Half-life measurements of 137, 139Cs excited nuclear states
  70. Enhanced Quadrupole Collectivity atN=40: The Case of Neutron-Rich Fe Isotopes
  71. Lifetime measurements in mirror nuclei31S and31P: A test for isospin mixing
  72. Neutron-Rich [sup 62,64,64]Fe Show Enhanced Collectivity: The Washout of N = 40 in Terms of Experiment, Valence Proton Symmetry and Shell Model
  73. Multiphonon excitations in 62Zn
  74. Transition probabilities in the X(5) candidateBa122<...
  75. Improvement of the intrinsic time resolving power of the Cologne iron-free orange type electron spectrometers
  76. Coexistence of “ $ \alpha$ + 208Pb ” cluster structures and single-particle excitations in 212  84Po128
  77. Search for one-phonon mixed-symmetry states in the radioactive nucleusNd...
  79. Ultrahigh-Resolutionγ-Ray Spectroscopy ofGd
  80. Novel Manifestation ofα-Clustering Structures: New “α
  81. Fast timing: Lifetime measurements with LaBr3scintillators
  82. Lifetime measurements in light barium isotopes
  83. New developments on the recoil distance doppler-shift method
  84. Publisher’s Note: Low-Lying Neutron Intruder State inB13
  85. Low-Lying Neutron Intruder State inB13and th...
  86. Centrifugal stretching along the ground state band ofHf168
  87. Development of a new Recoil Distance Technique using Coulomb Excitation in Inverse Kinematics
  88. Dynamic Chirality in Nuclei
  89. Particle-triaxial rotor calculations around [sup 195]Pt
  90. Plunger lifetime measurements after Coulomb excitation at intermediate beam energies
  91. Study of collectivity in [sup 62]Zn
  92. Transition probabilities in the X(5) candidate [sup 122]Ba
  93. Collectivity of neutron-rich palladium isotopes and the valence proton symmetry
  94. Particle-triaxial rotor calculations for the low-lying states with negative parity in 193Os
  95. Shape Coexistence in Light Se Isotopes: Evidence for Oblate Shapes
  96. Lifetimes of intruder states in 186Pb, 188Pb and 194Po
  97. New high-spin states of 142 58Ce and 140 56Ba from fusion-fission reactions: Proton excitations in the N = 84 isotones
  98. Collectivity in neutron-deficient Pb and Po nuclei
  99. Nanosecond lifetimes and electromagnetic transition strengths in 196Au
  100. Doublet structure of the negative-parity states inPt195
  101. Question of dynamic chirality in nuclei: The case ofPr134
  102. New spin assignments in the odd-oddN=Znucleus
  104. Measurement of lifetimes inV46...
  105. Electromagnetic transition strengths inDy156
  106. Collectivity and Configuration Mixing inPb186,188<...
  107. A new procedure for lifetime determination using the Doppler-shift attenuation method
  108. Transition Probabilities inPr134: A Test for Chirality in Nucle...
  109. Check for Chirality in Nuclear Physics
  110. Low-lying states in 195Pt described by the particle-rotor model
  111. Symmetry of Isoscalar Matrix Elements and Systematics in the sd and beginning of fp shells
  112. Test of the critical point symmetry X(5) in neutron deficient osmium isotopes at A≈180
  113. New high-spin states of 147Nd and 145Ce: Octupole correlation in the N = 87 isotones
  114. Decay out of the highly deformed band inNd133
  115. Lifetimes of the first excited2+states in
  116. Lifetime measurements in the Yrast magnetic band in193Pb
  117. Test of the critical point symmetryX(5) in the massA= 180 region
  118. Reply to “Comment on ‘Nuclear structure ofXe124
  119. Check for chirality in real nuclei
  120. RDDS lifetime measurement with JUROGAM + RITU
  121. Erratum: Probing nuclear structure ofXe124
  122. Transition Probabilities And Chiral Symmetry In 134Pr
  123. Probing nuclear structure ofXe124
  124. Test of isospin purity in theA=42isobaric analogs
  125. Transition probabilities inGd154
  126. Collectivity at high spins in156Dy
  127. Recoil-gated plunger lifetime measurements in188Pb
  128. ElectromagneticB(E2)transition strengths along the yrast negat...
  129. Shape changes and test of the critical-point symmetry X(5) in N = 90 nuclei
  130. Lifetime determination in delayed-coincidence experiments using the differential decay-curve approach
  131. High-spin structure of the neutron-rich odd-odd 106, 108        45Rh and 110, 112        47Ag isotopes
  132. Lifetime analysis using the Doppler-shift attenuation method with a gate on depopulating transition
  133. Coherent proton–neutron contribution to octupole correlations in the neutron-deficient 114Xe nucleus
  134. High precision quadrupole moment measurements of states up toI=20ħin the yrast band of
  135. Transition rates and nuclear structure changes in mirror nuclei47
  136. Studies on the uncertainties in quantitative EPR estimations due to the construction of the cavities used
  137. Gating on the feeding or on the depopulating transition in coincidence recoil-distance Doppler-shift lifetime measurements
  138. Low-lying bands with different quadrupole deformation in133
  139. On the two-quasineutron rotational band in Ba
  140. Coincidence recoil-distance Doppler-shift lifetime measurements in128
  141. Coincidence recoil-distance Doppler-shift lifetime measurements in129,
  142. High-spin structure of the neutron-rich 107,109 45Rh isotopes: the role of triaxiality
  143. Lifetime analysis using the Doppler-shift attenuation method with a gate on feeding transition
  144. Lifetimes measurements for134Ndand ne...
  145. On the line-shape and lifetime determination in recoil distance Doppler-shift measurements
  146. Magnetic dipole band in124Xe
  147. High spin states in 128Ba
  148. In-band M1 and E2 transition rates and collective structures in 128Ba
  149. Detailed angular correlation analysis with 4π spectrometers: Spin determinations and multipolarity mixing measurements in128
  150. Lowest four-quasiparticle magnetic dipole band in128Ba
  151. Dynamic shape asymmetry in soft nuclei
  152. Level scheme and electromagnetic transition strengths in 177Lu
  153. The nuclear deorientation effect in 122Xe and 128Ba
  154. Low-lying collective states inBa124
  155. Errors arising from nuclear hyperfine interactions on lifetimes determined by the recoil distance Doppler shift method
  156. Evidence for strong ground-state shape asymmetry in even germanium and selenium isotopes
  157. RDDS measurements of collective E2 transition strengths in 122Xe
  158. Asymmetry versus symmetric quadrupole deformation in even-even nuclei with 94≤A≤192
  159. The differential decay curve method for the analysis of Doppler shift timing experiments
  160. Electromagnetic transition strengths in the transitional doubly odd nucleus 198Au
  161. Complex time distributions from isomers in cascade: a case in 176Lu
  162. Picosecond lifetime measurements and collective transition strengths in 128Ba
  163. Nuclear structure ofLu176
  164. E1 and M1 transition strengths from two-quasiparticle structures in 168Er
  165. Electromagnetic properties of some odd-odd nuclei in the A≈ 100 region and IBFFM description of 106Ag
  166. Electric quadrupole transition strengths of the type 6+1 → 4+1 in 106–112Sn
  167. Absolute E0, E1 and E2 transition rates in even-even nuclei obtained in thermal neutron capture
  168. p-n Multiplets and band-like structures in106Ag
  169. The elimination of prompt components in delayed coincidence time distributions
  170. Multiplet structure and core-related effects on transition rates in87Y and neighbouringA? 90 nuclei
  171. Lifetime measurements and particle-core coupling calculations in144Sm
  172. A mixed symmetry or quasineutron pair interpretation of the Kpi=03+level in172Yb
  173. Two-quasiproton and two-quasineutron excitations in the transitional nuclei 102,104,106Pd
  174. Some M1 transition strengths in odd-A nuclei away from closed shells