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  1. How far is the reach of personality in relationship functioning during COVID-19? Reply to Pfund and Hill (2022).
  2. How Might the COVID-19 Pandemic Impact Couples’ Relationships?
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  4. Editorial policy for the American Psychological Association journal, Emotion.
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  8. Marriage in Whose America? What the Suffocation Model Misses
  9. What can you do for me?: Attachment style and motives underlying esteem for partners
  10. Attachment Theory as an Organizing Framework: A View from Different Levels of Analysis
  11. Attachment theory as an organizing framework: A view from different levels of analysis.
  12. The Contribution of Attachment Style and Relationship Conflict to the Complexity of Relationship Knowledge
  13. Accuracy of the Five-Factor Model in Predicting Perceptions of Daily Social Interactions
  14. Working models of attachment and daily social interactions.
  15. Review of Love and Sex: Cross-Cultural Perspectives.
  16. Depression, working models of others, and relationship functioning.
  17. Psychological Consequences of Multiple Social Roles
  18. The Influence of Affect on Self-Perception in Depression
  19. The nature of negative thoughts in depression.
  20. The nature of negative thoughts in depression.
  21. Attachment processes in adult romantic relationships.
  22. Change in Relationship Knowledge Representations
  23. Adult Attachment Theory and Affective Reactivity and Regulation.