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  1. Exploring the role of gender identity and academic major in skill confidence and entrepreneurial career plans
  2. Cognitive Reappraisal and Creative Self-Concept Among Higher Education Students:
  3. Connecting creativity, confidence, and unconventional career plans
  4. Editorial: Higher education and non-cognitive skill development: Why, what and how?
  5. Disposition Towards Critical Thinking and Student Engagement in Higher Education
  6. Disposition toward critical thinking and creative confidence beliefs in higher education students: The mediating role of openness to diversity and challenge
  7. Entrepreneurial self-efficacy among first-year undergraduates: Gender, creative self-efficacy, leadership self-efficacy, and field of study
  8. First-year university students entrepreneurial competence: Exploring the relationship between grit, creative self-efficacy and entrepreneurial self-efficacy
  9. Student engagement and creative confidence beliefs in higher education
  10. Self-efficacy in first-year university students: a descriptive study