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  1. Controlled placement of microparticles at the water-liquid crystal elastomer interface
  2. A fundamental study of oil release mechanism in soap and non-soap thickened greases
  3. Chemical interactions of thiophene with ZnO and Al-doped ZnO thin films
  4. Additive effects on the tribological performance of WC/a-C:H and TiC/a-C:H coatings in boundary lubrication
  5. Investigation of Shear-Thinning Behavior on Film Thickness and Friction Coefficient of Polyalphaolefin Base Fluids With Varying Olefin Copolymer Content
  6. Evaluation of ZnO and Al-Doped ZnO Thin Films as Sensor Materials for Sulfur Content in Diesel
  7. Correlation of Polysiloxane Molecular Structure to Shear-Thinning Power-Law Exponent Using Elastohydrodynamic Film Thickness Measurements
  8. Minimum quantity lubrication of M50/M50 and M50/Si3N4 tribological interfaces
  9. Adhesion of tungsten carbide reinforced amorphous hydrocarbon thin films (WC/a-C:H) to steel substrates for tribological applications
  10. Fretting of WC/a-C:H and Cr2N Coatings Under Grease-Lubricated and Unlubricated Conditions
  11. Theoretical Calculation of Activation Energies for Pt + H + (aq) + e - ( U ) ↔ Pt−H:  Activation Energy-Based Symmetry Factors in the Marcus Normal and Inverted Regions
  12. Mechanism for the electrooxidation of water to OH and O bonded to platinum: quantum chemical theory
  13. Mechanism for Oxidative Dissolution of a Cr Atom from a Pt Surface:  Molecular Orbital Theory
  14. Dehydrogenation of methoxy adsorbed on Pt(111) and Cr(110): the stabilizing effect of the more electropositive surface
  15. On the Lack of Activity of Substitutional Sn Atoms toward the Electro-oxidation of CO on Pt Anodes
  16. Dehydrogenation of adsorbed methoxy on clean and oxidized metals: an electronic effect and its implications
  17. Potential dependence of CO oxidation by H2O on a Pt anode. A molecular orbital theory
  18. Thermal generation of methyl radical from methanol adsorbed on oxygen-covered molybdenum (110): carbon-oxygen bond strength considerations from molecular orbital theory
  19. Effects of chemisorbed and substitutional 0, I, and II Ge, Sn, and Pb on CO adsorption on Pt(111): molecular orbital theory
  20. Bonding in transition-metal-silyl dimers. Molecular orbital theory
  21. Composition and properties of the so-called “diamond-like” amorphous carbon films