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  1. Structure–property correlations in Eu-doped tetra calcium phosphate phosphor: A key to solid-state lighting application
  2. Probing ferroic transitions in a multiferroic framework family: a neutron diffraction study of the ammonium transition metal formates
  3. Searching beyond Gd for magnetocaloric frameworks: magnetic properties and interactions of the Ln(HCO2)3 series
  4. Cobalt adipate, Co(C6H8O4): antiferromagnetic structure, unusual thermal expansion and magnetoelastic coupling
  5. Coupling of the local defect and magnetic structure of wüstite Fe 1 − x O
  6. Photoluminescence of cerium-doped (Ca1−xSrx)3RE2Ge3O12 garnet phosphors for solid state lighting: Relating structure to emission
  7. Ferroelasticity in a metal–organic framework perovskite; towards a new class of multiferroics
  8. Ball-Milling-Induced Amorphization of Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks (ZIFs) for the Irreversible Trapping of Iodine
  9. Ligand-Directed Control over Crystal Structures of Inorganic-Organic Frameworks and Formation of Solid Solutions
  10. Ligand-Directed Control over Crystal Structures of Inorganic-Organic Frameworks and Formation of Solid Solutions
  11. Structural diversity and luminescent properties of lanthanide 2,2- and 2,3-dimethylsuccinate frameworks
  12. Pressure- and Composition-Induced Structural Quantum Phase Transition in the Cubic Superconductor ( Sr , Ca ) 3 Ir 4 Sn 13
  13. Isomer-Directed Structural Diversity and Its Effect on the Nanosheet Exfoliation and Magnetic Properties of 2,3-Dimethylsuccinate Hybrid Frameworks
  14. Elastic and anelastic anomalies associated with the antiferromagnetic ordering transition in wüstite, Fe x O
  15. Hybrid Nanosheets of an Inorganic–Organic Framework Material: Facile Synthesis, Structure, and Elastic Properties
  16. Layered inorganic–organic frameworks based on the 2,2-dimethylsuccinate ligand: structural diversity and its effect on nanosheet exfoliation and magnetic properties
  17. Structures and magnetic properties of Mn and Co inorganic–organic frameworks with mixed linear dicarboxylate ligands
  18. New quenched-in fluorite-type materials in the Bi2O3–La2O3–PbO system: Synthesis and complex phase behaviour up to 750°C
  19. Detailed investigations of phase transitions and magnetic structure in Fe(iii), Mn(ii), Co(ii) and Ni(ii) 3,4,5-trihydroxybenzoate (gallate) dihydrates by neutron and X-ray diffraction
  20. Evolution of the structures and magnetic properties of the manganese dicarboxylates, Mn2(CO2(CH2)nCO2)(OH)2 and Mn4(CO2(CH2)nCO2)3(OH)2
  21. Neutron diffraction study of the magnetic structures of manganese succinateMn(C4H4O4): A complex inorganic-organic framework
  22. Synthesis, Structure and Magnetic Phase Transitions of the Manganese Succinate Hybrid Framework, Mn(C4H4O4)
  23. ChemInform Abstract: Structural Characterization of the Perovskite Series SrxCa1-x-yNdyMnO3: Influence of the Jahn—Teller Effect.
  24. Structural characterisation of the perovskite series SrxCa1−x−yNdyMnO3: Influence of the Jahn–Teller effect
  25. Structural phase transitions in BaPrO3
  26. ChemInform Abstract: Crystal Structures and Phase Transitions in A-Site Deficient Perovskites Ln1/3TaO3.
  27. Crystal Structures and Phase Transitions in A-Site Deficient Perovskites Ln 1/3 TaO 3
  28. Phase and valence transitions in Ba2LnSnxNb1−xO6−δ
  29. Phase and valence transitions in Ba2LnSnxSb1−xO6−δ (Ln=Pr and Tb)
  30. Structural and electronic phase transitions in Sr1−xCexMnO3 perovskites
  31. ChemInform Abstract: Structures and Crystal Chemistry of the Double Perovskites Ba2LnB′O6(Ln: Lanthanide B′: Nb5+and Ta5+). Part 1. Investigation of Ba2LnTaO6Using Synchrotron X-Ray and Neutron Powder Diffraction.
  32. Diffuse scattering in the cesium pyrochlore CsTi0.5W1.5O6
  33. Phase segregation in mixed Nb–Sb double perovskites Ba2LnNb1−xSbxO6
  34. Structural Phase Transitions and Crystals Chemistry of the Series Ba2LnB′O6 (Ln = Lanthanide and B′ = Nb5+ or Sb5+).
  35. Crystal structures and phase transitions in Ba2HoTaO6
  36. Structures and crystal chemistry of the double perovskites Ba2LnB′O6 (Ln=lanthanide B′=Nb5+ and Ta5+): Part I. Investigation of Ba2LnTaO6 using synchrotron X-ray and neutron powder diffraction
  37. Structures and crystal chemistry of the double perovskites Ba2LnB′O6 (Ln=lanthanide and B′=Nb, Ta):
  38. Structural phase transitions and crystal chemistry of the series Ba2LnB′O6 (Ln=lanthanide and B′=Nb5+ or Sb5+)
  39. Implications of the solubility of trivalent lanthanides in AAl2O4 (A=Ca, Sr, and Ba) for their role in phosphors
  40. Structural studies of oxygen deficient lanthanide containing double perovskites
  41. The Jahn—Teller Distortion and Cation Ordering in the Perovskite Sr2MnSbO6.
  42. The Jahn–Teller distortion and cation ordering in the perovskite Sr2MnSbO6
  43. Lanthanide distribution in some doped alkaline earth aluminates and gallates