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  1. Modeling the resilience of urban mobility when exposed to the COVID-19 pandemic: A qualitative system dynamics approach
  2. Scenarios of Automated Mobility in Austria: Implications for Future Transport Policy
  3. A quantitative analysis of potential impacts of automated vehicles in Austria using a dynamic integrated land use and transport interaction model
  4. The potential impacts of automated cars on urban transport: An exploratory analysis
  5. A Systemic Analysis of Impacts of Individual and Shared Automated Mobility in Austria
  6. A simulation of long-distance travel in Europe
  7. Estimating bicycle parking demand with limited data availability
  8. Multi-perspective ICT-toolkit supporting inclusive and sustainable mobility planning in rural areas
  9. Increasing the competitiveness of e-vehicles in Europe
  10. Uma ferramenta para planejamento da mobilidade sustentável com base em modelo integrado de uso do solo e transportes
  11. The Bipolar Metropolitan Region Vienna–Bratislava
  12. Assessment of energy efficiency and sustainability scenarios in the transport system
  13. A simulation tool to support urban planning
  14. A system dynamics approach to land use transport interaction modelling: the strategic model MARS and its application
  15. Visualising transport simulation results with dynamic maps
  16. Fuel Tax Levels Necessary to Achieve the Agreed Reduction Targets of CO2 Emissions. The Case of Madrid
  17. “Ideal” decision-making processes for transport planning: A comparison between Europe and South East Asia
  18. The Integrated Dynamic Land Use and Transport Model MARS
  19. The Effect of Oil Prices on Transport Policies for Europe
  20. Sustainable transport policies under scarcity of oil supply
  21. Eight footbridges in the Rembrandt Park in Amsterdam
  22. Can Decision Making Processes Benefit from a User Friendly Land Use and Transport Interaction Model?
  23. Development of a Hierarchical Approach to Assess the Impacts of Transport Policies
  24. The use of response surfaces in specifying transport strategies
  25. Equidistance