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  1. A Multiattribute Benefits-Based Choice Model with Multiple Mediators: New Insights for Positioning
  2. Chinese investment in Australian infrastructure assets: accounting for local public preferences
  3. How much do consumers value corporate reputation in their choices?
  4. Barriers and benefits of private modified vehicle among persons with a disability
  5. How does pedagogy, concern about a technology and access impact adoption of a technology.
  6. Teachers adoption and use of technology varies. In this paper we explore why.
  7. Do parents look at front-of-pack marketing attributes versus health and nutrition information?
  8. Why school students choose and reject science: a study of the factors that students consider when selecting subjects
  9. The experiences of early career teachers: new initiatives and old problems
  10. How do early career teachers value different types of support? A scale-adjusted latent class choice model
  11. Segmenting consumers’ reasons for and against ethical consumption
  12. Teachers Choosing Rich Tasks
  13. Consumers prefer easy to use products - this shows this relative to other product features
  14. Teacher Retention and Attrition: Views of Early Career Teachers
  15. Why do early career teachers choose to remain in the profession? The use of best–worst scaling to quantify key factors
  16. The Scale-Adusted Latent Class Model: Application to Museum Visitation
  17. The importance of social product attributes in consumer purchasing decisions: A multi-country comparative study
  18. Modeling the effects of including/excluding attributes in choice experiments on systematic and random components
  19. Measuring patent assessment quality—Analyzing the degree and kind of (in)consistency in patent offices’ decision making
  20. Using a market-utility-based approach to designing public services: A case illustration from United States Forest Service
  21. What will consumers pay for social product features?