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  1. Specification and Description Language Models Automatic Execution in a High-Performance Environment
  2. A Mathematical Model for the COVID-19 Pandemic in Tokyo through Changing Point Calculus
  3. Modeling SARS‐CoV‐2 True Infections in Catalonia through a Digital Twin
  4. A Continuous Process for Validation, Verification, and Accreditation of Simulation Models
  5. Modelling influenza and SARS-CoV-2 interaction: Analysis for Catalonia region
  6. Business Intelligence’s Self-Service Tools Evaluation
  7. The COVID-19 pandemic management strategies and the acute severe hepatitis outbreak of unknown origin in children
  8. Formal Modeling and Simulation for SARS-CoV-2 Containment Scenarios in Catalonia
  9. Contribution of Thermal Inertia to the Interior Climate of Girona Cathedral: Feasibility Analysis for the Preservation of Pieces of Art through the Monitoring of Thermal Conditions for 6 Years
  10. SARS-CoV-2 Spread Forecast Dynamic Model Validation through Digital Twin Approach, Catalonia Case Study
  11. SDL Cellular Automaton COVID-19 conceptualization
  12. SEIRD COVID-19 Formal Characterization and Model Comparison Validation
  13. Simplifying the Verification of Simulation Models through Petri Net to FlexSim Mapping
  14. Evaluation of Metaheuristic Algorithms for the Improvement of Sustainability in the Construction Area
  15. Towards a Representation of Cellular Automaton Using Specification and Description Language
  17. Using the R Language to Manage and Show Statistical Information in the Cloud
  18. Using the R Language to Manage and Show Statistical Information in the Cloud
  19. Solution Validation for a Double Façade Prototype
  20. Using simulation to estimate evacuation times in large-size aircrafts: A case study with simio
  21. Using simulation to estimate critical paths and survival functions in aircraft turnaround processes
  22. Using Specification and Description Language for Life Cycle Assesment in Buildings
  23. Simulation model to find the best comfort, energy and cost scenarios for building refurbishment
  24. Analysis of Applications to Improve the Energy Savings in Residential Buildings Based on Systemic Quality Model
  25. Cost-effective analysis for selecting energy efficiency measures for refurbishment of residential buildings in Catalonia
  26. Comfort and economic criteria for selecting passive measures for the energy refurbishment of residential buildings in Catalonia
  27. NECADA: Optimization Software for Sustainable Architecture
  28. Optimization of Energy Renovation of Residential Sector in Catalonia Based on Comfort, Energy And Costs.
  29. Defining the best strategy to do the evacuation of an Airbus 380
  30. Dynamic programming of flights based on stochastic demands
  31. Transforming classic DEVS models to SDL
  32. Optimal Buildings’ Energy Consumption Calculus through a Distributed Experiment Execution
  33. SDL - The IoT Language
  34. Optimization of aircraft boarding processes considering passengers' grouping characteristics
  35. Formal and operational validation of a bus stop public transport network micro simulation
  36. Simulation analysis of a dynamic ridesharing model
  37. Teaching system modelling and simulation through Petri Nets and Arena
  38. Evaluation and assessment of professional skills in the Final Year Project
  39. Using Specification and Description Language to Formalize Multiagent Systems
  40. Passenger flow simulation in a hub airport: An application to the Barcelona International Airport
  41. Formal simulation model to optimize building sustainability
  42. Formal Languages for Computer Simulation
  43. System Analysis and Modeling: Models and Reusability
  44. FireFight: A Decision Support System for Forest Fire Containment
  45. Simulation and optimization for an experimental environment to wildfire resource management and planning: Firefight project modelling and architecture
  46. Formalizing geographical models using specification and description language: The wildfire example
  47. Modeling anesthesia and pavilion surgical units in a Chilean hospital with Specification and Description Language
  48. Definition of Virtual Reality Simulation Models Using Specification and Description Language Diagrams
  49. A Simulation Study Regarding Different Aircraft Boarding Strategies
  50. Sim-RandSHARP: A hybrid algorithm for solving the Arc Routing Problem with Stochastic Demands
  51. A novel model to predict a slab avalanche configuration using m:n-CAk cellular automata
  52. JGPSS, An open source GPSS framework to teach simulation
  53. Simulation education in the Internet age: Some experiences on the use of pure online and blended learning models
  54. Learning Operations Research online: benefits, challenges, and experiences
  55. Simulació discreta per mitjà de la interacció de processos : una visió a través del GPSS
  56. SDL distributed simulator
  57. Castelldefels project: modeling and simulation of the computer system that gives support to the virtual campus of the open University of Catalonia
  58. Comportamiento a la corrosión de implantes de titanio granallados
  59. Modeling a Chilean Hospital Using Specification and Description Language
  60. Specification and Description Language for Discrete Simulation
  61. Factory Railway System
  62. Modeling a Chilean Hospital Using Specification and Description Language