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  1. Disentangling the Impact of Point Defect Density and Carrier Localization-Enhanced Auger Recombination on Efficiency Droop in (In,Ga)N/GaN Quantum Wells
  2. Highly repeatable, high density lasers by shape and growth engineering
  3. Sub‐Picosecond Carrier Dynamics Explored using Automated High‐Throughput Studies of Doping Inhomogeneity within a Bayesian Framework
  4. Improving Quantum Well Tube Homogeneity Using Strained Nanowire Heterostructures
  5. Holistic Nanowire Laser Characterization as a Route to Optimal Design
  6. Learning about nano-materials from large experimental data
  7. Defect-Free Axially Stacked GaAs/GaAsP Nanowire Quantum Dots with Strong Carrier Confinement
  8. Self-Catalyzed AlGaAs Nanowires and AlGaAs/GaAs Nanowire-Quantum Dots on Si Substrates
  9. How to measure, understand and use the natural disorder in bottom-up grown semiconductor nanowires
  10. Efficient nano-sized lasers through material engineering
  11. Building laser systems on the nanoscale
  12. Visualizing the role of photoinduced ion migration on photoluminescence in halide perovskite grains
  13. Effect of Size on the Luminescent Efficiency of Perovskite Nanocrystals
  14. Visible and infrared photocurrent enhancement in a graphene-silicon Schottky photodetector through surface-states and electric field engineering
  15. Highly Strained III–V–V Coaxial Nanowire Quantum Wells with Strong Carrier Confinement
  16. Two-Dimensional Diffusion of Excitons in a Perylene Diimide Monolayer Quenched by a Fullerene Heterojunction
  17. Emission Properties and Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics of CsPbCl3 Perovskite Nanocrystals
  18. Threshold reduction and yield improvement of semiconductor nanowire lasers via processing-related end-facet optimization
  19. Modal refractive index measurement in nanowire lasers—a correlative approach
  20. Towards substrate engineering of graphene–silicon Schottky diode photodetectors
  21. Graphene–silicon-on-insulator (GSOI) Schottky diode photodetectors
  22. Large-Scale Statistics for Threshold Optimization of Optically Pumped Nanowire Lasers
  23. The influence of surfaces on the transient terahertz conductivity and electron mobility of GaAs nanowires
  24. Single n+-i-n+InP nanowires for highly sensitive terahertz detection
  25. Direct laser write process for 3D conductive carbon circuits in polyimide
  26. Broadband Phase-Sensitive Single InP Nanowire Photoconductive Terahertz Detectors
  27. Characterization of a silica-PVA hybrid for high density and stable silver dissolution
  28. Size-Independent Energy Transfer in Biomimetic Nanoring Complexes
  29. Photoconductive terahertz receivers utilizing single semiconductor nanowires
  30. Terahertz spectroscopy of modulation doped core-shell GaAs/AlGaAs nanowires
  31. Identification of a triplet pair intermediate in singlet exciton fission in solution
  32. Rapid Energy Transfer Enabling Control of Emission Polarization in Perylene Bisimide Donor–Acceptor Triads
  33. Structure-Directed Exciton Dynamics in Templated Molecular Nanorings
  34. Modulation Doping of GaAs/AlGaAs Core–Shell Nanowires With Effective Defect Passivation and High Electron Mobility
  35. Ultrafast delocalization of excitation in synthetic light-harvesting nanorings
  36. Single Nanowire Terahertz Detectors
  37. Low ensemble disorder in quantum well tube nanowires
  38. Chromophores in Molecular Nanorings: When Is a Ring a Ring?
  39. Single Nanowire Photoconductive Terahertz Detectors
  40. Single GaAs/AlGaAs nanowire photoconductive terahertz detectors
  41. Ultrafast Transient Terahertz Conductivity of Monolayer MoS2 and WSe2 Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition
  42. Electron Mobilities Approaching Bulk Limits in “Surface-Free” GaAs Nanowires
  43. Ultrafast Energy Transfer in Biomimetic Multistrand Nanorings
  44. Dual-channel spontaneous emission of quantum dots in magnetic metamaterials
  45. III–V semiconductor nanowires for optoelectronic device applications
  46. Optically pumped room-temperature GaAs nanowire lasers
  47. High vertical yield InP nanowire growth on Si(111) using a thin buffer layer
  48. Enhanced Minority Carrier Lifetimes in GaAs/AlGaAs Core–Shell Nanowires through Shell Growth Optimization
  49. High performance GaAs/AlGaAs radial heterostructure nanowires grown by MOCVD
  50. Defect formation and thermal stability of H in high dose H implanted ZnO
  51. Three-Dimensional in Situ Photocurrent Mapping for Nanowire Photovoltaics
  52. Droplet epitaxy of strain-free GaAs/AlGaAs quantum molecules for optoelectronic applications
  53. Growth and characterization of GaAs1−xSbx nanowires
  54. Growth of InP nanowires on silicon using a thin buffer layer
  55. III-V nanowires for optoelectronic applications
  56. Improved GaAs nanowire solar cells using AlGaAs for surface passivation
  57. Improvement of minority carrier lifetime in GaAs/AlxGa1−xAs core-shell nanowires
  58. InP nanowires grown by SA-MOVPE
  59. Influence of growth temperature and V/III ratio on Au-assisted InxGa1−xAs nanowires
  60. Non-linear direct-laser-write lithography for semiconductor nanowire characterisation
  61. Optoelectronic properties of GaAs nanowire photodetector
  62. Structural and optical properties of H implanted ZnO
  63. Polarization Tunable, Multicolor Emission from Core–Shell Photonic III–V Semiconductor Nanowires
  64. Precursor flow rate manipulation for the controlled fabrication of twin-free GaAs nanowires on silicon substrates
  65. Raman probing of competitive laser heating and local recrystallization effect in ZnO nanocrystals
  66. Coupling of light from microdisk lasers to nano-antennas with nano-tapers
  67. Noncontact Measurement of Charge Carrier Lifetime and Mobility in GaN Nanowires
  68. Direct-write non-linear photolithography for semiconductor nanowire characterization
  69. A plasmonic staircase nano-antenna device with strong electric field enhancement for surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) applications
  70. Long minority carrier lifetime in Au-catalyzed GaAs/AlxGa1−xAs core-shell nanowires
  71. Distinct Photocurrent Response of Individual GaAs Nanowires Induced by n-Type Doping
  72. Rapid, substrate-independent thickness determination of large area graphene layers
  73. Surface Energy Relay Between Cosensitized Molecules in Solid-State Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
  74. III–V semiconductor nanowires for optoelectronic device applications
  75. Ultrafast Charge Separation at a Polymer−Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Molecular Junction
  76. Improved Performance of GaAs-Based Terahertz Emitters via Surface Passivation and Silicon Nitride Encapsulation
  77. Ultrafast Charge Separation at a Single-walled Carbon Nanotube – Polymer Interface
  78. Characterisation of nanostructures via terahertz spectroscopy
  79. The role of ultrafast torsional relaxation in the emission from polythiophene aggregates
  80. Role of Ultrafast Torsional Relaxation in the Emission from Polythiophene Aggregates
  81. Improved performance of GaAs-based terahertz emitters
  82. Dynamic terahertz polarization in single-walled carbon nanotubes
  83. Ultrafast Terahertz Conductivity Dynamics in Mesoporous TiO2: Influence of Dye Sensitization and Surface Treatment in Solid-State Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
  84. Carrier Lifetime and Mobility Enhancement in Nearly Defect-Free Core−Shell Nanowires Measured Using Time-Resolved Terahertz Spectroscopy
  85. Conductivity of nanoporous InP membranes investigated using terahertz spectroscopy
  86. Efficient generation of charges via below-gap photoexcitation of polymer-fullerene blend films investigated by terahertz spectroscopy
  87. Conductivity of nanoporous InP membranes investigated using terahertz spectroscopy
  88. Compound Semiconductors for Terahertz Photonics
  89. Transient Terahertz Conductivity of GaAs Nanowires
  90. Dimensionality-dependent energy transfer in polymer-intercalatedSnS2nanocomposites