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  1. Modelling international monthly tourism demand at the micro destination level with climate indicators and web-traffic data
  2. Advances in tourism economics: The sixth IATE (International Association for Tourism Economics) Conference
  3. The influence of formal trade agreements and informal economic cooperation on international tourism flows
  4. The management of tourism destinations
  5. The Puzzle of Tourism Demand at Destinations Hosting UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  6. Dynamic efficiency of the human intestinal microbiota
  7. An economic model for tourism destinations: Product sophistication and price coordination
  8. Off-season tourists and the cultural offer of a mass-tourism destination: The case of Rimini
  9. Does Foreign Direct Investment Affect Wage Inequality? An Empirical Investigation
  10. Tourism and Growth in a Cross Section of Countries
  11. Price Indices for Artists ? A Proposal
  12. Multinational companies and wage inequality in the host country: The case of Ireland