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  1. A water-soluble eumelanin polymer with typical polyelectrolyte behaviour by triethyleneglycol N-functionalization
  2. From commercial tyrosine polymers to a tailored polydopamine platform: concepts, issues and challenges en route to melanin-based bioelectronics
  3. Spray deposited carbon nanotubes for organic vapor sensors
  4. Optical diagnostics of streamers: from laboratory micro-scale to upper-atmospheric large-scale discharges
  5. A Photoresponsive Red-Hair-Inspired Polydopamine-Based Copolymer for Hybrid Photocapacitive Sensors
  6. 2D Thermoluminescence imaging of dielectric surface long term charge memory of plasma surface interaction in DBD discharges
  7. LIF and fast imaging plasma jet characterization relevant for NTP biomedical applications
  8. Melanin-like polymer layered on a nanotextured silicon surface for a hybrid biomimetic interface
  9. Formation of ${\rm N}_{2}(A\,^{3}\Sigma_{{\rm u}}^{+}$ , v = 0–3) metastable species in decaying nitrogen streamer
  10. Engineering polydopamine films with tailored behaviour for next-generation eumelanin-related hybrid devices
  11. Radial dependence of surface streamer-channel luminosity: experimental evidence of Gaussian radiative profiles in Ar and N 2
  12. Memory-like behavior as a feature of electrical signal transmission in melanin-like bio-polymers
  13. Surface chemistry and morphology effects on optoelectronic transport at metal/nanostructured silicon/silicon structures
  14. LIF diagnostics of hydroxyl radical in atmospheric pressure He-H2O dielectric barrier discharges
  15. OH density measurement by time-resolved broad band absorption spectroscopy in an Ar–H 2 O dielectric barrier discharge
  17. Electrical Transport Features of SiNWs Random Network on Si Support after Covalent Attachment of New Organic Functionalities
  18. Electrical transport of SiNWs array after covalent attachment of new organic functionalities
  19. Melanin Layer on Silicon: an Attractive Structure for a Possible Exploitation in Bio-Polymer Based Metal-Insulator-Silicon Devices
  20. ICCD microscopic imaging of a single micro-discharge in surface coplanar DBD geometry: determination of the luminous diameter of N 2 and Ar streamers
  21. Single-Step Plasma Process Producing Anti-Reflective and Photovoltaic Behavior on Crystalline Silicon
  22. Hysteresis-type current–voltage characteristics in Au/eumelanin/ITO/glass structure: Towards melanin based memory devices
  23. Thermoluminescence study of the trapped charge at an alumina surface electrode in different dielectric barrier discharge regimes
  24. LIF investigations of O and NO products in air like RF plasma jet
  25. LIF diagnostics in volume and surface dielectric barrier discharges at atmospheric pressure
  26. On the collision quenching of {\rm N}_2^+(B\,^2\Sigma_{\rm u}^+, v=0) by N 2 and O 2 and its influence on the measurement of E / N by intensity ratio of nitrogen spectral bands
  27. CH spectroscopic observables in He–CH 4 and N 2 –CH 4 atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharges
  28. {\rm N}_2 \left({A\,^3\Sigma_{\rm u}^+} \right) behaviour in a N 2 –NO surface dielectric barrier discharge in the modulated ac regime at atmospheric pressure
  29. Optical diagnostics in dielectric barrier discharges at atmospheric pressure
  30. Laser triggered single streamer in a pin-to-pin coplanar dielectric barrier discharge
  31. N2(AΣu+3) time evolution in N2 atmospheric pressure surface dielectric barrier discharge driven by ac voltage under modulated regime
  32. Charge trapping induced by plasma in alumina electrode surface investigated by thermoluminescence and optically stimulated luminescence
  33. CN( B 2 Σ + ) formation and emission in a N 2 –CH 4 atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge
  34. On the Measurement of N2(A3Σ u + ) Metastable in N2 Surface-Dielectric Barrier Discharge at Atmospheric Pressure
  35. On N2(C3Πu, v=0) state lifetime and collisional deactivation rate by N2
  36. density measurement in a dielectric barrier discharge in N 2 and N 2 with small O 2 admixtures
  37. New N 2 ( C 3 Π u , v ) collision quenching and vibrational relaxation rate constants: 2. PG emission diagnostics of high-pressure discharges
  38. OODR-LIF direct measurement of N2(C 3Πu, v=0–4) electronic quenching and vibrational relaxation rate coefficients by N2 collision
  39. OODR-LIF on N2(A3Σ u + in dielectric barrier discharges
  40. Nitrogen vibrational excitation in a N 2 /He pulsed planar-ICP RF discharge
  41. Optical–optical double resonance LIF detection of in high pressure gas discharges
  42. Optical–optical double resonance LIF measurement of N2(C3Πu, v=2) deactivation rate constant by N2 collisions
  43. Discontinuous Molecular Films Can Control Metal/Semiconductor Junctions
  44. An ambient air RF low-pressure pulsed discharge as an OH source for LIF calibration
  45. ICP Plasma Jet characterization by space-resolved TALIF O atoms measurements
  46. CARS investigations of a N2 planar-ICP discharge
  47. New laser-induced fluorescence scheme for simultaneous OH and NO detection by a single laser set-up
  48. Sensitivity analysis of differential absorption lidar measurements in the mid-infrared region
  49. Transmissivity measurements for atmospheric characterization
  50. Aerosol measurements by lidar in the nocturnal boundary layer
  51. Atmospheric monitoring by lidar in an industrial area of Southern Italy
  52. Atmospheric water vapor measurements using ground- and satellite-based instrumentation and radiosonde
  53. Simultaneous application of the Raman and DIAL techniques for ground-based water vapor lidar measurements in the nocturnal boundary layer
  54. Aerosol observations by lidar in the nocturnal boundary layer
  55. Multiparametric lidar system spanning from UV to mid IR
  56. Tunable lidar system based on IR OPA laser source
  57. Multiparametric tunable lidar system based on IR OPO laser sources
  58. An innovative multiparametric lidar system
  59. He(4 3 P) sublevel quenching by electron collision
  60. Vibrational energy transfer among high vibrational levels of nitric oxide
  61. A Tunable UV-IR Lidar Systems for Atmospheric Monitoring