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  1. Characteristics of 30-day readmission in spontaneous pneumothorax in the United States: a nationwide retrospective study
  2. Clozapine-Induced Cardiotoxicity Presenting as Sepsis: A Case Report and Literature Review
  3. Polysomnographic variables in Alternate overlap syndrome: data from sleep heart health study
  4. Sofosbuvir Based Regimens in the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C with Compensated Liver Cirrhosis in Community Care Setting
  5. Rhabdomyolysis: An Unusual Presentation of Mycoplasma pneumoniae Infection in an Adult—A Case Report and Literature Review
  6. Predictors of hospital stay in normotensive acute pulmonary embolism: a retrospective pilot study
  7. Spinal gout causing reversible quadriparesis: a case report and literature review
  8. Scleredema Diabeticorum with Superimposed Cellulitis and Abscess Formation