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  1. Thymoquinone-Loaded Soy-Phospholipid-Based Phytosomes Exhibit Anticancer Potential against Human Lung Cancer Cells
  2. Antiglycation Activities and Common Mechanisms Mediating Vasculoprotective Effect of Quercetin and Chrysin in Metabolic Syndrome
  3. Chitosan-Based Microparticles Enhance Ellagic Acid’s Colon Targeting and Proapoptotic Activity
  4. Optimized Ellagic Acid–Ca Pectinate Floating Beads for Gastroprotection against Indomethacin-Induced Gastric Injury in Rats
  5. Improved Transmucosal Delivery of Glimepiride via Unidirectional Release Buccal Film Loaded With Vitamin E TPGS-Based Nanocarrier
  6. Optimized Nanostructured Lipid Carriers Integrated into In Situ Nasal Gel for Enhancing Brain Delivery of Flibanserin
  7. Application of Nanopharmaceutics for Flibanserin Brain Delivery Augmentation Via the Nasal Route
  8. Formulation and Optimization of Avanafil Biodegradable Polymeric Nanoparticles: A Single-Dose Clinical Pharmacokinetic Evaluation
  9. Optimized Conjugation of Fluvastatin to HIV-1 TAT Displays Enhanced Pro-Apoptotic Activity in HepG2 Cells
  10. Intranasal Niosomal In Situ Gel as a Promising Approach for Enhancing Flibanserin Bioavailability and Brain Delivery: In Vitro Optimization and Ex Vivo/In Vivo Evaluation
  11. Piceatannol-Loaded Emulsomes Exhibit Enhanced Cytostatic and Apoptotic Activities in Colon Cancer Cells
  12. Chitosan Coated Microparticles Enhance Simvastatin Colon Targeting and Pro-Apoptotic Activity
  13. Optimized Icariin Phytosomes Exhibit Enhanced Cytotoxicity and Apoptosis-Inducing Activities in Ovarian Cancer Cells
  14. Pumpkin Oil–Based Nanostructured Lipid Carrier System for Antiulcer Effect in NSAID-Induced Gastric Ulcer Model in Rats
  15. Development of lipid membrane based assays to accurately predict the transfection efficiency of cell-penetrating peptide-based gene nanoparticles
  16. Omega-3 Self-Nanoemulsion Role in Gastroprotection against Indomethacin-Induced Gastric Injury in Rats
  17. Interference with AGEs formation and AGEs-induced vascular injury mediates curcumin vascular protection in metabolic syndrome
  18. Development of an optimized Febuxostat self-nanoemulsified loaded transdermal film: In-vitro, ex-vivo and in-vivo evaluation
  19. Attenuation of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia by Optimized Tadalafil Loaded Pumpkin Seed Oil-Based Self Nanoemulsion: In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation
  20. Encapsulation of Lovastatin in Zein Nanoparticles Exhibits Enhanced Apoptotic Activity in HepG2 Cells
  21. Zein-alpha lipoic acid-loaded nanoparticles to enhance the oral bioavailability of dapoxetine: optimization and clinical pharmacokinetic evaluation
  22. Superiority of TPGS-loaded micelles in the brain delivery of vinpocetine via administration of thermosensitive intranasal gel
  23. Optimization of the Factors Affecting the Absorption of Vardenafil from Oral Disintegrating Tablets: A Clinical Pharmacokinetic Investigation
  24. Optimized vinpocetine-loaded vitamin E D-α-tocopherol polyethylene glycol 1000 succinate-alpha lipoic acid micelles as a potential transdermal drug delivery system: in vitro and ex vivo studies
  25. Intranasal optimized solid lipid nanoparticles loaded in situ gel for enhancing trans-mucosal delivery of simvastatin
  26. Development and single dose clinical pharmacokinetics investigation of novel zein assisted- alpha lipoic acid nanoencapsulation of vardenafil
  27. In situ misemgel as a multifunctional dual-absorption platform for nasal delivery of raloxifene hydrochloride: formulation, characterization, and in vivo performance
  28. Finasteride nano-transferosomal gel formula for management of androgenetic alopecia: ex vivo investigational approach
  29. Self-assembled biodegradable polymeric micelles to improve dapoxetine delivery across the blood–brain barrier
  30. Nanovesicular systems loaded with a recently approved second generation type-5 phospodiesterase inhibitor (avanafil): I. Plackett-Burman screening and characterization
  31. A PLGA-reinforced PEG in situ gel formulation for improved sustainability of hypoglycaemic activity of glimepiride in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
  32. Self-Nanoemulsifying Lyophilized Tablets for Flash Oral Transmucosal Delivery of Vitamin K: Development and Clinical Evaluation
  33. Enhancement of Efficacy and Reduced Toxicity of Cisplatin Through Self Nanoemulsifying Drug Delivery System (SNEDDS)
  34. Finasteride-loaded biodegradable nanoparticles: Near-infrared quantification of plasma and prostate levels
  35. Investigation of Drug–Polymer Compatibility Using Chemometric-Assisted UV-Spectrophotometry
  36. Curcumin-Zein Nanospheres Improve Liver Targeting and Antifibrotic Activity of Curcumin in Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Mice Liver Fibrosis
  37. Optimized nano-transfersomal films for enhanced sildenafil citrate transdermal delivery: ex vivo and in vivo evaluation
  38. Nicotinamide polymeric nanoemulsified systems: a quality-by-design case study for a sustained antimicrobial activity
  39. The use of experimental design in the optimization of risperidone biodegradable nanoparticles: in vitro and in vivo study
  40. Optimisation of microstructured biodegradable finasteride formulation for depot parenteral application
  41. Mechanistic analysis of Zein nanoparticles/PLGA triblock in situ forming implants for glimepiride
  42. Solid lipid nanoparticles for transdermal delivery of avanafil: optimization, formulation, in-vitro and ex-vivo studies
  43. Matrix-type transdermal films to enhance simvastatin ex vivo skin permeability
  44. In-vivo evaluation of clindamycin release from glyceryl monooleate-alginate microspheres by NIR spectroscopy
  45. Optimized zein nanospheres for improved oral bioavailability of atorvastatin
  46. bioavailability
  47. Quality by Design Coupled with Near Infrared in Formulation of Transdermal Glimepiride Liposomal Films
  48. Evaluation of combined famotidine with quercetin for the treatment of peptic ulcer: in vivo animal study
  49. Development and optimization of carvedilol orodispersible tablets: enhancement of pharmacokinetic parameters in rabbits
  50. Improved corneal bioavailability of ofloxacin: biodegradable microsphere-loaded ion-activated in situ gel delivery system
  51. Optimization of caseinate-coated simvastatin-zein nanoparticles: improved bioavailability and modified release characteristics
  52. Assessment of simvastatin niosomes for pediatric transdermal drug delivery
  53. Enhancement of In Vitro Skin Transport and In Vivo Hypoglycemic Efficacy of Glimepiride Transdermal Patches
  54. Development and Evaluation of Avanafil Self-nanoemulsifying Drug Delivery System with Rapid Onset of Action and Enhanced Bioavailability
  55. Enhanced permeation parameters of optimized nanostructured simvastatin transdermal films:ex vivoandin vivoevaluation
  56. Optimized sildenafil citrate fast orodissolvable film: a promising formula for overcoming the barriers hindering erectile dysfunction treatment
  57. Statistical optimization of controlled release microspheres containing cetirizine hydrochloride as a model for water soluble drugs
  58. Optimization of self-nanoemulsifying systems for the enhancement ofin vivohypoglycemic efficacy of glimepiride transdermal patches
  59. Design and Optimization of Self-Nanoemulsifying Delivery System to Enhance Quercetin Hepatoprotective Activity in Paracetamol-Induced Hepatotoxicity
  60. Enteric-coated alendronate sodium nanoliposomes: a novel formula to overcome barriers for the treatment of osteoporosis
  61. Improved in vitro dissolution parameters and in vivo hypolipidimic efficiency of atorvastatin calcium through the formation of hydrophilic inclusion complex with cyclodextrins
  62. Varying the Chain Length in N4,N9-Diacyl Spermines: Non-Viral Lipopolyamine Vectors for Efficient Plasmid DNA Formulation
  63. Varying the Unsaturation in N4,N9-Dioctadecanoyl Spermines: Nonviral Lipopolyamine Vectors for More Efficient Plasmid DNA Formulation
  64. N4,N9-Dioleoyl Spermine Is a Novel Nonviral Lipopolyamine Vector for Plasmid DNA Formulation